January 8

This week I finalized my script, and started to film. I faced many challenges with timing, issues at home, flight delays, and so on. I am behind schedule but I will push through to make first round. I am anxious as it’s down to the last weeks, and I am worried that it won’t end up being funny. I am happy I challenged myself with a difficult, and surprising senior project, but I wish I knew what the end results were going to be. My biggest fear is showing at film night and hearing no one laugh. We will see!!!

December 19

This week I started to write my opening monologue for the show, but I am having a hard time. I am still unsure of a title, and how to connect the opening monologue, and all of the pieces for the show. They are all very different. I am planning to film the week I get back from break but I am anxious as I will be gone the entire vacation without internet most of the time. I still have many questions and issues to sort through, but hopefully they will be solved during the filming process. Because I am doing something I have never done before I feel as though I will not be able to solve my problems before they happen, but will have to go with the flow and figure them out as they happen. Happy Holidays!

December 12

This week I tried to spend as much time as possible rehearsing my bits in front of the mirror and friends. I studied the way many experts such as John Oliver, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Trevor Noah deliver their punch lines and joke material. I also decided to turn my bit about Trump/Putin into a fake sitcom instead of a phone call. They are supposed to be cheesy jokes, so the sitcom idea will allow me to use canned laughter.

December 5th

This week I wrote and edited my main piece for the show, a piece on gun violence, control, and Jeb Bush’s response to the shooting in Oregon when he stated “… Stuff happens…”. I am worried that my pieces are coming out less funny than I would have hoped. When starting this project I did not realize the level of difficulty of writing, acting in, and making a satirical comedy show. There are many elements that go in to it that I don’t feel prepared for.

November 28th

This week I decided to interview Drossel, as he is a man of many interesting stories. I put together a list of questions, and funny games to do during the interview. I imagine it being like a “Between Two Ferns” type of thing.

Blog Post- November 14

This week I sorted through all the questions I had for Ivan, and we decided together to scale down the project to a web series type of show, instead of a full scale production. This is because with timing, the set of skills I already possess, and my ability to put together a full crew, the quality of the show would be better on a smaller scale. This way I can focus more on the writing and acting, which is the most important part of my project anyways.

Blog Post 2

After much stress this week about how I was going to get everything done, I finally figured my issues out and made a game plan. Although I can’t say I am totally stress free, talking to Dale, Brianna, and Ivan has definitely helped. I am on task now, and have figured out most of the kinks in my project.