17 Dec 2015

I finished printing out all my smaller photos for my grid, and also my large photos. I will take in the large photos to Duggal in New York City over the Holiday break to have plexi framed. When I get back to school after the break, I will put my grid photos on the white adhesive cardboard.

dec. 9 2015

Tomorrow, Alexis and I will spend about 6 hours working together to print out all of my photographs for my grid, and hopefully I will have time to print out my seven selected photos that will be the very large photos. I am still deciding on frames for the photos, which I will hopefully make a decision on soon.

20 Nov. 2015

This week, I started to find frames and plan the layout of my grid. I am still working on laying out the grid to make the colors work together either from dark to light, or light to dark, or just a random arrangement. Alexis and I will talk over the break to figure out a time to meet once I get back from my vacation to try to finalize this grid arrangement, so I can continue to print out my photos and order frames.

Oct. 30

As of now, I have finished printing out all my photos that I am considering using for my Senior Project. I have laid them all on a board to figure out which one our Alexis and my favorites to use for my final gallery product. I printed out about 70 photos out of about 1,000 that I originally took.