My senior project product is done. All the graphs and analysis are ready, the book is printed, and the video is ready to be watched. Now, I will start working on my presentation that I plan on presenting it by powerpoint.

Last steps

My Project is about to be done, I exercised for 3 months, did all my researches, organized the book, did the graphs and filmed everything I need. My last steps are, print the book, edit the videos, and do the analysis the graphs. I plan to finish everything over the winter break and work on the presentation in january.

This friday, I finished the physical part of my project. I am done with the first, second, and third month of yoga. My next steps are organize how my book will look like, film the sixth and last video log, film the two interviews that are already set up for next week, and analyze the graphs of my performance more deeply.

Work over thanksgiving break

During the thanksgiving break I worked on my journals, I did 2 new video logs, and developed my researches about the history of yoga and body-mind connection. I read 2 interesting articles about the body-mind connection that yoga promotes. Those articles Come from the universities of Harvard and Yale. I look forward to finish my project before the winter break and next few weeks need to be very intense in order to achieve that.

This week I started the last third of my senior project, which is exercise the chaturanga posture every day during one month. The first week was satisfactory, I had a tough week physically because this exercise makes me extremely sore. I believe this soreness won’t keep going until the entire month because my body will adapt to exercise the pose every day.

End of Second Set

This week I finished the second third of my project. I had a great week of work, I researched new articles in order to enrich my knowledge about the subject that I am working with and I planned how I will exercise the Chaturanga Pose. I will do three sets of 35 to 45 seconds with a 30 seconds break in between. Until now, I am tremendously satisfied with my Senior Project and I hope that this third exercise enrich my project as much as the others.

Almost done with Concentrative Meditation

The meditation has improved a lot since last week. The “counting breaths” technique has been the key for my successful results until now. The skill that I improved the most this week is my consistency. This week I was able to keep my highest level of concentration for a longer period of time than during the past weeks of meditation. Today is the 24th day of the Meditation, I look forward to finish this last week with positive performances and get ready to perform the third exercise well.

Half way in Concentrative Meditation

Today is the 17th day of concentrative meditation. During this week I had improvements technically and mentally. I came up with this technique of counting my breaths while meditate, and the results are better than I expected. After having a tough beginning with this exercise, the counting breaths technique helped me to relax while exercise and have a better focus on it. I am looking forward to keep improving until the last day of concentrative meditation.

Beginning of Concentrative Meditation

After a great finish on the Sun Salutation I was extremely excited to start the Concentrative Meditation. Unfortunately the first week was tough. I am having a hard time on executing the meditation as I expect to. It is a tremendously hard task to focus your mind in only one thing (breath) during five minutes. But overall, my project is going well, and I am satisfied with my work until now.

End of Sun Salutation and begin of Concentrative Meditation

During this week I finished the first set of exercises. I practiced the Sun Salutation every day for one month and the results are extremely positive. I had a gigantic improvement on the connection between my body and my mind. Hopefully I can improve this skill even more during my project, develop others, and consequently use it for the rest of my life. I look forward to start the second yoga exercise which is the concentrative meditation focusing on my breath.