I started my presentation power point, and I’m almost done, except I don’t know if it’s long enough, but I have time. So I guess I’ll just wait and see whenever people start doing theirs too so I can base mine on theirs.

But again, I’m done, yeey! Kirk loved them! couldn’t be more proud of myself.


My books are here! They’re finally done and now I’m just waiting to meet with my mentor tomorrow after school so I can show him the book and get started on my power point for the presentation. I’ll need a lot of help with that since I’m not very good with technology, but I’ll manage.

Very excited that I’m almost done with EVERYTHING!


Right now I’m making the necessary changes on the final copy of my book. My mentor helped me changed the text a little bit for a more easier reading, and based on the 1st draft copy that arrived, I started making the changes for a more clean and good looking book.

I also added another grade aspect for my final project rubric.

10-16-15 Update

Yesterday I ordered the first copy of my book since I’m done with it, to check if everything is printed out correctly or if there are any mistakes that I want to fix it. If there is, I’m going to fix it and then order the other copies (maybe 5 or 4). If everything’s ok, then I’ll just order the others.

I sent the project rubric today, and next week on tuesday I’m going to review it with my mentor to see if he agrees with what I put.

So far I think I’m really ahead, and I’m really satisfied with my work (:

Senior Project Update #1

So far on my senior project I’ve done a lot of work. I finished two sections out of three of my tour guide book, and I’m on my last archaeological site on the last chapter.

Each chapter is about a different civilization and each civilization has three archaeological sites. After describing and talking about the civilization culture and believes, I explain the archaeological site, tourist information, pictures, maps, descriptions, and where it is located.

After I’m done with every chapter and my works cited list, I’ll order one book to check grammar errors and any other printing mistakes, I’ll order three more for myself, the school (Dale), one for my mentor, and an extra one if needed.