Pursuit to Happiness

I started the commencement of my project on the 1st of September. I began trying to eat healthier, taking yoga classes, and preparing myself to begin the next part of my journey:  a strict regimen of meditation, as well as a stricter diet plan than the one I was currently on, and a change of lifestyle and “being”. Also at the same time try to achieve a better mind-set: ultimately to achieve a true happiness.  I have gone through many challenges thus far; such as sticking to the strict diet plan 24/7 as well as finding the balance in meditation between being relaxed and aware and falling asleep.   I have begun my website, reciting my journal entries regarding the journey of this project on their own separate blog pages. I have become more knowledgeable on the topic of “happiness”, by reading different books regarding happiness, which I also will be sharing on my website. My project is going well, and I am excited to keep seeing further results, and to finish my website.