Book done!


This week I finished the last details of the pages of the book, glued all the pages and did the cover!

I also worked on the Zine that I wanted to do it and I finished it yesterday! The only thing I need to do right now is make some copies of the zine so I can distribute to the people…

Today I will start working on my presentation. I’m looking forward to the process!

Final details


I am almost done with my book! I still need to finish some details but it is really simple. I also need to cover it with the book cloth that I ordered…

This weekend I will work on the Zine and next week I will start working on my final presentation! I am really nervous about the presentation but I think everything is going to go well.





This week I finished all the pages of my book. Now I just need to work on the last details… I also did the brand’s collage.

During the break I am going to work on the zine about the Recue.

I also ordered the book cover paper and I will work on that when we get back from the break, it is simple and easy to do it. :)


Accordion book


I haven’t been posting on the blog for the past few weeks, because before the Thanksgiving break was a rush. How I made some changes in my project, I had to run with everything to make it in time…
Me and Kevin did my accordion book, and the week before the break I started thinking about what images I would paint to put in the book. I had a lot of ideas… I am also going to do a collage with the logos of brands that do and does not do animal testing. During the break I managed to write all I wanted to put on each page. And I also did some paintings to illustrate the pages.
This week, I met with Kevin and I showed him my paintings and what I would write on each page. I will work hard on doing my book this week and try to finish it before the Winter Break.

Another thing that I am going to do for my project is that I am going to create a Zine about the beagles and the rescue. This way I can print as many as I want and people can take it home with them… :)
I’m enjoying it and I think it will be a great final project.

Some changes on the project…

This week I had a meeting with Ms. Cross and my mentor. We talked about my project and Ms. Cross gave me a better idea… Instead of working only on two paintings, I will now do an accordion book, which will give me a better chance to tell the story and translate to the students the feelings and what happened on the day of the rescue. I’m still going to illustrate the book with my paintings and maybe do some collage either.

Tuesday, me and my mentor, will start working on the book so I can start working on the pages during the Thanksgiving break. I think I will have a lot of work to do, but I’m excited with this new idea.

Process 2

My project is going well! I met my mentor this week and I showed him my painting sketches. There are some things I need to improve which are less pencil outlines and work on the eyes of the dogs, which I think is the most difficult part of drawing the face of the dog…

Now I am going to start thinking about what size I want my dogs to be on the frame, in what position I want them to be.

We had an idea of doing the sad dog smaller on a corner of the frame and work on the background more, and the happy dog occupying the whole frame.

The researching for the presentation is also going well. This week I will focus more on finding more information for my final presentation!


This week I met up with my mentor, and we talked about my project. He told me that I could start doing the sketches of the beagles… I did some drawings and I think it is a good start. Since I don’t have much experience on painting and drawing, every sketch is a new challenge… I also painted the sketches of the dogs and it turn out well. Now I will practice every day more!

First step

My first step of my project was to start researching about the event that happened in São Paulo. I already found some good information. I saw some websites that list companies that test and those that do not test on animals (cruelty free). I think I’m on a good start of researching about it.

I also plan to interview the adopters of some of beagles to know under what conditions they arrived, how they adapted to a new life, because since they were serving as guinea pigs, they were not accustomed to contact with humans living in cages. I already started with these first contacts and I got valuable information that gave me the guidelines for the presentation of the work, the plastic part.

Senior Project idea

In my project I will talk about the rescue of beagles at the Royal Institute in São Paulo. Beagles and other animals were stuck in a laboratory of the Royal Institute serving as guinea pigs for testing. I have always loved animals and worried about their welfare. Therefore, any kind of animal cruelty reaches me, I really admire the work of those who fight for animal rights and I always try to accompany their actions. I believe that everyone should fight with laws that ensure that all beings have decent living conditions and that there is no exploration or cruelty. So, I had an idea of painting two dogs, both beagles: the first, a beagle in a cage, with a sad expression; the second, a free and happy beagle. Besides the paintings I will also do a media presentation and talk about how was the rescue and what happened with the dogs and other animals that were stuck in the laboratory of the Royal Institute in São Paulo.