Fourth Blog Post-October 30,2015

Yesterday I met with my Mentor (Cathy Yun), we worked together to prioritize what I need to get done. I am going to purchases the boxes to hold the shoes this weekend and we have also reached out to the administration for the Upper School to hold a box at the upper campus and make an announcement at the next town meeting. My running has stayed pretty consistent and has been a source of relief during this stressful time in my high school career.

Third Blog Post-October 23,2015

This week I reached out to the Ross Lower School to ask if they would host a box and got a great reply. They are willing to host a box and I am waiting for a time to speak with them further about dates. My running has progressed but it seems to be taking a toll on the amount of energy I have to run; I missed a day of running this week but I believe that it is part of the learning process. I have started researching books on website like Apeture and I am starting to put together a theme for my photography book.

Second Blog-October 16,2015

This week, I really enjoyed running everyday. I ran for my longest distance in a while which was 13.5 miles. The weather is becoming a little colder but it is really beautiful to see the change in nature with the changing of seasons. I got one location (Norma Jean Pilates) set up for hosting a box for my community service part in December. I have met with my senior mentor frequently and feel that things are going smoothly so far.

First Blog- October 9,2015

This week I had a little bit of a pause in my senior project in the charity part (Soles4Souls). The reason for my break was because I had investigated a little deeper into the charity and realized it was not exactly what I thought the charity service provided. I thought that the shoes collected would go straight to people in other countries that needed them but I realized there is more work then just being able to send them to foreign countries. However, I still want to continue work with the charity and still uphold this part of my senior project.