14th Blog Post-January 8,2015

I have all of the shoes that I will donate lined up to deliver to the warehouse which I thought would be on Long Island but turns out that only a warehouse in New Jersey would except the amount that I have because the Long Island warehouse only accepts 10 pairs at a time.. However I have 420 pairs at the moment but I am expecting a few more, I need to put rubber bands around all of the shoes and put them into bigger bags for delivery.

12th Blog Post-Decemeber 25, 2015

Today was Christmas and I ran 7.57 miles… it was a good idea to run because it was such a nice day outside. I ran Daniel’s Lane and around the ocean it was so hot outside I was only wearing a sweatshirt and it was 60 degrees outside. I have also taken some photos of my sister which is kind of good because she looks like me I’m thinking to embody what the runner see’s and/or what the runner looks like. I have also been told earlier that I wasn’t able to have a box at the Elementary schools because they have to many events going on right now where they are asking for their school family to bring in food for the food pantry etc. However, I’m really happy with the amount of shoes we were able to collect during the dress down and I am also getting donations from people around the community.

11th Blog Post-December 18, 2015

This week I tried taking some photos of sneakers that I had collected to donate but they weren’t very interesting and kind of boring. I’m continuing to run even though sometimes it can be hard with the time restrictions because of school but I have really learned to love running more than I did previously but I have also felt kind of tired as well during my project because of how much energy I need to have through out the day and also to run a few miles.

10th Blog Post-December 11, 2015

I have been trying to gather ideas for my photography portion of my senior project but I have been having a lot of trouble coming up with a concept and how I want the pictures to look and what they should be. I thought that this would be the area where I wouldn’t struggle however I think working under a theme is difficult for me. I am continuing to look for inspiration in magazines and on social media.

9th Blog Entry- December 4, 2015

This week I ran inside on the treadmill and outside when the weather was nice I also met with a teacher from the Sag Harbor Elementary school to go over my mission ( what drove me to want to help Souls4Souls) it was pretty successful – she said she would try to find a time for me to present at Morning program and she asked to me to put together a presentation for the kids and parents.

8th Blog Post-November 27,2015

Having Thanksgiving break this week was great, I was able to work on my project -I ran with my sister which was nice because I wasn’t so alone we also went to different locations and ran such as Morton’s Wildlife, Long Beach, a trail in the woods on 114 and at beach on the sand. I also reach out to my old elementary school and have been email back and fourth with the science teacher who did a shoe drive last year for an orphanage in Africa.Hopefully I will be able to put a box in the school in December.

Sixth Blog Post-November 13, 2015

This week was overwhelmingly stressful. I had so many things to do this week regarding school work besides senior project; However I was able to “run away from my stress” as I mentioned in my running journal. I had to help out with the one act plays which took up a lot of time and also day light savings made it hard  to run outside because it was dark but I improvised and used my phone as a flash light and ran in the dark multiple times this week.

Fifth Blog Post-November 6,2015

This week I met with Kristen Hyland to give her information about my senior project. I have continued running and have realized that making time for such an activity can sometimes be very challenging. This week was extremely busy for me between studying for the SAT and helping out backstage with the play but I was able to maintain my running. This week I finally started collecting shoes I have about 40 right now to begin with. I am more excited and motivated  now that I actually have a start on the shoe collecting.