I am REALLY excited, since my mom texted me yesterday telling me that my scarves are already printed and with the hemline done! She is shipping them today and they will get here in two or three days maximum. My next step is now to take pictures of the models wearing them (intend to do it this weekend) buy a rack to display my scarves in the exhibition night (I already have some ideas) and frames for my drawings.



I finally finished designing both collections of scarves over the break. The final result was basically the first collection with patterns inspired by the spirals that were usually made by the tribe and the second one has each of its exemplars containing one element of the region where the tribe used to live (the elements are: Brazil nuts, a fish called Tucunaré, feathers of local birds and vitórias régias (water lilies). To color the first collection up, I used the 2015 fall catalogue from Pantone and for the second one, I used the catalogue they just released, with colors for 2016’s summer-spring term. As I said in the previous post, the two first scarves of the second collection are printed already, but I am still missing the other six, which are being printed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and will be sent here by my parents. After they get here, I will take pictures of people wearing them in different ways (these pictures will be passing on kind of a sideshow presentation on my computer during the exhibition night). Lately, my new task has also been finding a reck that I could use to display the scarves in the exhibition night and, also, frames for the drawings, which are going to be exposed on the wall.




My parents sent me pictures of the two first ones of the first collection. I have been struggling on vectorizing the third pattern on Illustrator and already have set up an appointment with the teacher who taught me how to edit images and he is going to check what I did wrong and teach me how to fix it. All the other six scarves will be sent to the printing office by January 4 and will get here after around 12 days (my parents will send them to me via Fedex).


Looking forward to seeing my first two scarves!!!!

Obs.: I will upload pictures here later!

I have been working on the two last patterns at the same time and hope to be done with at least one of them until tomorrow. I decided to print out all the scarves at the same time when I go back to Brazil (it is already all set up). The last collection will be developed and finished also over the winter break and, when I come back to Ross in January, I will only have to take pictures of people wearing the scarves in different ways.

I still haven’t printed the scarves. I had a problem with their edition over the break and had to take another class to understand exactly what I was doing wrong. Even though it had been very frustrating for me not to comply with the goals I had established before, I realized that it was important for me to take another class and delay my process because now I think I will be able to edit the images more quickly. I already have 2 scarves completely edited and ready to be printed. I will be done with the other two soon. My parents will print the four first scarves and send me them here before I leave for the winter break.

I already talked to Renata Dallari, my teacher over the summer, and we already scheduled when the first collection is going to be printed. I already ordered the fabric and it will be in my house as soon as I get to Brazil. I intend to bring the first collection already printed back to school after the break (some details like the borders, however, will only be repaired  when I go back to Brazil during the winter break). Looking forward to seeing my scarves!!

Due to Friday’s fire drill, I misunderstood and forgot to post my update, but here it goes:

I am almost done with editing the first pattern. I went to the tech office several times to ask for help on understanding how to use some tools and I think that now I am much more confident about this and will be much faster on editing the next ones. I will set up a time for me to print the first collection during the thanksgiving break in Sao Paulo. My intention is to come back to Ross with the first collection totally printed and with half of the second one already designed.

This week I finally started editing the first scarf on photoshop. It took me some time to get the tools and understand how they work, but now I think I am better at it already. Also, after meeting with my mentor, both of us concluded that it would be better if I reduced my collection to 8 scarves, in order to focus more on their quality rather than just on the quantity.

This week I finished passing three out of the four patterns of the first collection to the tracing paper and already scanned them. I am almost done with passing the fourth and I am planning on scanning it on Monday. I will work on the edition of the patterns on Photoshop and Illustrator over the weekend.

This week I have passed the first scarf of the first collection to the tracing paper and I am already working on passing the next one to it. Over the weekend, I intend to finish passing the other three to the tracing paper and, also, I will decide what my pallet of colors of the first collection is going to be. Hopefully, between Monday and Wednesday I will start scanning the patterns. I had a meeting with miss Lichtenstein today to discuss my time management, as I have been struggling with it lately.