week of November 16th

Process folio 11-15-2015


Today at the wildlife center we had a pretty normal day we fed the animals cleaned the cages and gave the animals there medicine like we normally do. I helped feed the outside animals with Justin. Justin is the guy I normally work with while shayna, stacy, jojo and Amanda worked on the animals on the inside. Justin and I fed song birds, morning doves, crows, swans, deer, and the opossum. Here are some photos of the blue jays we fed and also the wood pecker.

Today Justin and I also went into the deer cage and spent sometime with Jane here are some pictures.

and the last thing we did was feed the swans and here is a picture of that

the swans are fed one bowl of hard food, one bowl of greens, and one half bowl of hard food filled with water.pro


Week of November 9th

Process folio 11-8-2015


So today was kind of a slow day today but we did get a new deer from dune road. The deer was found on the road and it was allowing people to come up to it and touch it so now it has to be kept in a cage so that it can re learn how to get food with out people. Although we still feed it, it has little to no human contact.

Today I also found out that the fat bird is actually a pet of someone I work with and that’s why it did not like cages.

Today we also fed a lot of animals we fed crows, owls, squarels, possums, robins, blue jays, sparrows, and deer. Here is a picture of the deer food.

Week of October 26th

Today at was a slow day at the wild life center there was not much to do since the animals get fed once at 2 and then the squirrels get fed again at 5. On the topic of the squirrels with cataracts in his eye passed away on Tuesday.


Unfortunately we just could not take care of him he was too young and we couldn’t keep up with his feeding. We believe that he died in the night. Also we also lost the raptor/osprey.

We lost the osprey because it wasn’t eating on its own or drinking so we had to force give it both and eventually it died. But on a happier note I got to spend a lot of time feeding and hanging out with jane. Jane is a mostly blind deer that has been at the center for two years now and that wont be released because it can not survive in the wild by its self. Jane helps out a lot because deer are high stress animals and when we get new deer they may consider the cage to be highly stressed so jane helps them adjust to it because she kinda becomes like a guardian figure to the younger deer. Here is a picture of jane eating an apple from my hand

I also got to make the food for the deer with another volenteer named carlos and here is a picture of the food.


Deer like to eat all of the stuff in here but janes favorite is the carrots.

here is a picture of all the deer together jane is the one looking into the distance. She does this cause she can hear and smell us but doesn’t know exactly where we are. This week we also got a injured swan. We believe the swan was hit by something and that is the reason the bottom jaw is crooked.

today I also got to learn what we do with all the food that has gone bad and we don’t want to give to the recoving animals. We give the extra food to the birds and any other wild animals that want to come by and eat it. We leave it in a field in the front of the center.

today we also got a new bird and it was not comfortable in the cages so we let it walk around and we were allowed to pick it up


the last thing I got to do today was feed the juvenile squirels.


Week of October 12th

I just got back from the wild life center and had a pretty cool day. Today I got to feed the squirrels there food formula for the first time. I had to feed them through the cage because they are older juveniles and they are kind of violent. One of them drank his formula to fast and started burping and it started coming out of his nose. I also got to see a abandoned seagull come in and I got to watch the actual workers do blood tests to test the pcv (packed cell volume) and iron in the seagulls blood. I also found out today that the baby squirrel died on Tuesday because he was to young to maintain. Everyone said they were bummed out Tuesday and Wednesday. Today I also got to feed the deer possums, and seagulls. I fed the seagulls fish
I fed the deer carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and spinach.
This deer is actually blind and will stay in the shelter till it dies so we are able to take pictures and touch it.
Today I also got to watch the baby squirrels get their fluids injected. This is when they shoot fluids into a pouch type pocket in the squirrels back.
The wild life center also got two new baby squirrels one is a boy and one is a girl they are most likely related because they came in together and here is a picture of the new girl.
The last thing I got to observe was the force-feeding of a raptor because it would not eat without being forced. A raptor is a bird of prey and must have strong grasping feet equipped with sharp talons, a hooked upper beak, and excellent binocular vision. Below is a picture of a raptor being force fed.
And here are some pictures of the raptors face and his long talons.

Week of October 19th

Today was the very first day when they gave me kind of free range and I did not have to shadow anyone. They just told me to go do stuff or to help them do stuff and I was allowed to go and do it on my own. Today I got to clean the cages of and feed the gulls, squirrels. I also got to feed the possums and clean the pigeon cage today. Sadly today there was a gull that came in and was hit by a car. When it came in it was still alive so I watched everyone run around to get it oxygen in order to keep it alive but it eventually died. on another sad note the squirrel that’s eye was dirty and closed got it cleaned and it finally opened and we found out that it had cataracts and was blind in the eye.
I also go the chance to help force feed the raptor.
We had to hold its talons this time because it freaked out every time we tried to feed it and they are very dangerous so we had to secure them.

All Senior Project Information prior and including the Week of October 5th


Today I meet with Mr. Drossel in his office to try to find a place to volunteer at. We called Hampton bays wild life rescue center and spoke to Amanda she was one of the workers at the preserve and she said there would be an opportunity for me to volunteer there at the place. I would be to take care of injured animals and nurse them back to health.


I just called to the Hampton bays wildlife rescue center to talk about some questions I had on there internship application but there was no answer. Instead I received the answering machine and it said that they open back up tomorrow at 8am, so I will be calling back some time tomorrow in between 8am and 4pm because that is the time I believe they close.

11:30 am
Call in to Hampton bays wildlife rescue and ask if I can fax the application in. also ask if its possible to set up an interview for the internship. Remind Amanda about the senior project, then ask if I would be able to wear a go pro if I do anything involving hands on with animals (not dangerous animals)

Amanda says she does not have a problem with the go pro she remembers the project. I was also given their fax number so that I can send the application through a faxing machine. For my question about scheduling a interview time she said that she would give a woman named Diane Chelius my email and number and she would contact me through email to set up a meeting time

Process folio has arrived set it up.
Also refill out the application and fax to the Hampton bays wild life rescue center.
Call back and ask if it would be possible for me to work six hours every Sunday instead of three. (called in and she said that would be great and that they always need help.)

fax application to Hampton bays wildlife rescue center