Post #4,5,6

Last three weeks I had limited time to work on my senior project due to the early action application deadlines that really stressed me out in a way.

However, a big portion of my book was still done.

-I had and interview to talk about my senior project. Interview then was posted on a school news page. Full interview:

 Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.20.27 AM

-I was able to schedule another 4 interviews. Due to the bad weather outside I was not able to photograph 2 of the participants.

-All audio interviews were recorded and are about to be edited.

-I am now up to 8 interviews out of 30. It is no good but no bad either.

-I got a program for editing my book as I collect more interviews.

-Most of the people are going to be interviewed over Thanksgiving break; however, there are some that will have to be shot after the break.


Entry #3

Past week was not that productive because of the early action deadline for most schools.

What was done:

-Interviews 3,4,5 scheduled on November 3rd, 4th and 5th.

-The list of people for interview was edited.

-Started “the try out interviews” to choose from before putting the book together.

-Met with my mentor everyday for over 2 hours each time.

-Chose faculty member to grade my work.

Pictures shot over the week: 50

Post #2

Progress report from 10.23.15:

-Another interview scheduled

-Another interview (#3 with Malik Bassnight) was completed

-The pictures were approved by my mentor

-One picture was chosen and photoshoped

-The reshooting of interview #2 (Shane McCann) – approved picture

-Audio recording- 15 minutes


Week #2 photo count: 110 photos

Entry #1

So far my senior project was going good and met deadlines.

The list of things that were done so far

  • Writing down 5 questions for each interview to a total of 150 questions for 30 people
  • Scheduling 4 first interviews
  • Taking the interview of monk Tenza about how he became a monk and what is his definition of “soul”
  • Taking 60 pictures – Choosing 1- Photoshopping 1- Printing out as sample
  • Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 8.07.03 PM:
  • Practicing photography skills by taking over 300 portraits
  • Taking second interview
  • Taking 34 pictures- Choosing 5- Photoshopping 3- Being unsatisfied
  • Taking another 73 pictures- Choosing 7- Photoshopping- Being unsatisfied
  • Scheduling second interview for the 3rd time
  • Recording 42 minutes of voice tape- Typing it on a Word Document- Revising and Putting it into 1 paragraph summary


Overall # of pictures taken: over 500

Successful interviews: 1 out of 30

Personal reflection: even though going back and forth shooting the same person is one of the obstacles, overall inspiration to do this project is still really high.