Even though my senior project product is completed, I still have final touches regarding my installation and presentation. For the exhibition night, I pretend to set up both the hard and soft cover books, and also my ipad with the ebook version.

Today, I met my mentor Kyle and he took a look at the final product and approved my exhibition ideas.

Furthermore, I will take the last step next week, and write my presentation. However, I still have to check with my mentor and faculty grader which periods they will be free so I can choose my presentation time this week.

My book has arrived!!!

I am really proud of it and it looks better than I expected! Just one of the images does not have a great quality, but other than this, everything looks great!

I don’t have words to express my relief and how happy I am! Sociology is my greatest passion and I’m glad that my work exceeded my high expectations.

I am now done with my senior project. I will show the final product to my mentor next week and download the ebook in my ipad so I can expose it during exhibition night along with the other ones. On total, there are 2 books (one hard and one soft cover), one ebook, and one PDF; I am currently waiting for an extra copy of the hard cover version to send it to my top choice college and hoping that it helps!

Furthermore, I’m planning to start to work on my presentation next week.

Here are pictures of the cover and the first two pages. Just a preview 😉




Due to final exams and homework, I couldn’t finish my book before the winter break. However, after I was done writing and correcting it at the end of December, I faced a problem with the app I was using to design it (Blurb). When I was ready to download my book, I received a message saying that I had to update the app, but I did not have the tech office’s password to do so. After desperately emailling them, I did not have a response and decided to take another measure. Gladly, I was able to download Blurb once again in an old computer of mine and copy and paste the whole book. I sent it to print and I am currently waiting for them to come in the mail (I ordered 3 books, a pdf, and an ebook). I’m really happy that I have finally finished and waiting anxiously to see the final product :)

I’m almost done with my readings and planning to start to write very soon. After a long research, I’ve found an app, Blurb, which I’m going to use to design and print my product. I have also started writing the outline of the book.