November 20th

I finished my second story (1B), and am now working on 2A, representative of the sensory nuclei and cortical tones. He is the “eyes and ears,” of the operation. That is, he is in contact with the assassin (2B) during the actual operation, he is feeding information to the Amygdala (1C), and giving information to be processed by Operation’s Intelligence (3C). Again, I am happy with how everything is fitting into place.

November 13th

I started my second story, based on Luria’s unit 1B. The character is thus representative of the Hypothalamus. I begin to mention the Hypothalamus’ relationship with the Amygdala, brain stem (Brian Stem), and also its lack of self-reflection (it dosent know what’s really going on in the “operation”). I’m excited because as I write, it is becoming easier and easier to map out the characters relate to each other, and therefore the ways in which the parts of the brain are interconnected.

October 16th

I decided to base the characters off A.R. Luria’s functional units of the brain rather than specific neurons. This allows me more freedom in writing the stories than writing about individual neurons while also allowing me to more effectively describe the neurons’ functions.

I watched Dirty Dozen and Oceans 11 to help me come up with ideas for the different jobs of each unit in the story.