Business Card

I have finished the three panels for my exhibition (will be uploading a picture later).  This is my business card that I have designed and printed to hand out during my presentation.  I have also picked up my professionally printed business plan.

Business Card


I have drawn out the visual representation of the environment board for my exhibition.  Below is a blueprint focussing on the environmental friendly and sustainable initiatives implement in the villa.  In the next few days I will be transferring this layout to a larger scale.



For exhibition night I will be visually representing my company, focussing on the theme of ecotourism.  I will have three 16×20 black boards each centering on one founding philosophy of ecotourism, also know as the triple bottom line.

Board 1: Economy

Board 2: Environment

Board 3: Society

This weekend I am plotting out what will be on each board on smaller pieces of paper which I will transfer to the larger boards when they arrive later this weekend.


I had updated my blog header with the below picture of my proof-of-concept, the sustainable villa in Palm Springs.  I took these pictures with a drone while I was in the valley.  I have added more pictures to the appendix of my business plan, to give the reader or possible investor a true understanding of the harmony achieved between the economy, environment, and community with my business.

IMG_6041 (1)IMG_6039

Presentation Introduction

Good afternoon everyone, thank you for being here.

Eco-Lux Valley is the story of a green hotelier, an angle investor, a twist of fate, and a market driven opportunity.

It all began this past summer when I was working as a hospitality intern first at Whitewater Vacations in Monterey, California then at Herdade da Cortesia in Avis, Portugal. Following my dream to become an hotelier, or someone who works in the hospitality industry, I worked my way up at my internships. I soon was helping dictate the path the companies were to go and expanding their customer base.

Blog Header

For my senior project blog, I decided upon using my logo as the header.  The white background of my logo formats incorrectly when uploading to the site.  This is something I might take into consideration when moving ahead with my logo.

Company Logo


I have been working to created a company logo that is both appealing to the potential guest and effectively coveys the message of a ecotourism vacation experience. Below are the two versions I have edited down to and for the next to days will be showing it to the two companies I entered with and a few of their guests to get feedback.  After looking at the feedback I will either decide upon one of the below, create a new logo incorporating elements from the logos below, or start from scratch.

Eco-Lux ValleyEco-Lux Valley Logo

Pitch Deck

Now I have to started making my pitch deck.  The pitch deck is a brief presentation, created in using PowerPoint, used to provide my audience with a quick overview of my business plan.  This will serve as my senior project visual presentation and a tool for possible investors.

Using the Tim Drapper model, the four parts (slides) of a successful and effective pitch deck are:

  1. Problem: identify problem
  2. Solution: explain solution
  3. Indented Consumer: identify the indented consumer market and type for my product/service
  4. Team: how will my services be carried out