This past week I have been finishing some stuff for my process folio. Regarding the project itself I have already started wrapping the letters with the metal so it creates the 3d effect. When I finish that I will top it off with plexiglass and introduce images. I hope to have all the letters done before winter break.


This week I did a lot of things regarding my project. I traced the paper letters into wood with a marker. After tracing them I used a saw to cut them. I cut all of the letters except the O because i cut on the wrong spot so i have to restart it next week to continue with the process. Overall it was a good week.

P.R.O.U.D (F 10/16/15)

This week I worked with Mulhern on my template (master template)to create all my letters. We did that on a big piece of wood. With this template I can sketch all my letters to later then cut them off without any wrong measurements or problems.

Previously this week I met with Ivan and just checked with him about my progress. We created a Spotify list with all the latin american / spanish songs to put in the exhibition.