Jan 9th

And another round of editing


Elegy One

Please sigh for the passed, the dead cannot again flame.

Same tree, green last morning, yellow last night, but today is barren.

Never will you experience the same.


A bird nest on the tree, used to be covered by green tint and sound a twitter,

But now, same nest same tree, isolated and shiver within breeze ashen.

Please sigh for the passed, the dead cannot again flame.


A corpse of sparrow lies beneath golden leaves that seems a glitter,

No more energy, no more defiant whisper, the agile body gradually frozen,

Never will you experience the same.


Used to be decorated by the whiteness, the sky with beings a flitter,

Now grey is the morning, dark at the noon, lifelessness in a way unspoken.

Please sigh for the passed, the dead cannot again flame.


Mature at the beginning, even the succulent fruits have been bitten,

Undiscovered, but slowly they get shabby and colorless, to rot first then frozen.

Never will you experience the same.


Now myself standing straight, lamenting the incoming winter,

Time slowly but incessantly scraping my heart that once in spring was silken.

Please sigh for the passed, the dead cannot again flame.

Never will you experience the same.



Jan 1st

I am recently working on correcting all the stuff i have done, as you can see i have changed a a lot


Limerick Autumn


There is always a man sighs when season pass,

“Ah. Again, here comes the cold.”

Golden leaves, brisk sky.

Squash blossom, bountiful wheat.

How can no one notice beneath the cold air there is also bliss?



Is it “bliss”? Or is it something else? Do more to define what that sentiment is. I also think you should consider this as the first poem.



A Sparrow


Flap flap flap. There, a small bird outside my window.

There she sits on a naked gray branch. Her wings so delicate.

How will she survive the winter? To whom does she return each day? Flap flap flap.

The surrounding mist settles in and dulls the pigments everywhere left by summer’s grandeur before it finally washes them away. The mist, innocent as it is, settles in slowly and fully, tempting each and every thing onto sleep, but it cannot hold her. Suddenly flouncing away the mist, she alights.

Now, just now, out my window she owns the entire world.

Dec 8th

Dec 8th

Having learned another new form of poetry named Haiku, a tradition Japanese one, I wrote several myself. I do believe this form is a very interesting one since it is succinct but it gives a direct description of scenes and expressions of emotions.



(Haiku, 5,7,5) Twilight


Behind barren branch,

Pink twilight embrace,

Bland but peaceful.

Nov 28th

Nov. 28th

Having trouble finding new inspirations for my photographs and poems, but I found the vanelle form, a really challenging but interesting poem form, I wrote several lines to try it out.


For how many times we sigh for the season’s decadence,

One branch, one piece of yellow falling down with the weeping of wind.

What a pity! We are ignorant of the beauty of cadence.


Though all men are aware of the inevitable changing of time,

They are blind to the beauties in front of them.

For how many times we sigh for the season’s decadence.


When can someone simply realize it is just a game,

Horae already hide their different enchanting dyes everywhere in the game.

What a pity! We are ignorant of the beauty of cadence.


While the green of spring brings the shivers of flowers to them,

The white of winter is prepared for the more beautiful to come,

For how many times we sigh for the season’s decadence.


Look outside in summer! The beams are dripping from the sky seam,

Look outside in autumn! The dim and melancholy clouds are not the same,

For how many times we sigh for the season’s decadence.

There you stand still in the passing time,

Can you not see in every corner of the season hides one unique poem?

For how many times we sigh for the season’s decadence,

What a pity! We are ignorant of the beauty of cadence.




Nov 7th

It might be a little overlapping, but I still wrote a poem in Shakespeare’s sonnet about dark night



Up in the sky there is no more azure but only dim blue,

The veil of dust has come

Where darkness, like gaining rejuvenation, aggressively bloom

Leave the sun, the hobble old, in the corner it dome.


Below the skyline the ocean is in its twilight also,

While it is only a mirror wanting to imitate the beauty of the veil in sky.

Thou! The amiable water, loves everything much so!

Even the blue shrouded in dark is piece of innocent dye.


In the middle where the life fade,

It is reluctant to withdraw its beautiful feathers of shimmer.

Thou! The glowing fire, loves the roar with dark in their feud!

Lies beneath is the fire’s wish to blend with dark like a dreamer.


The beauty lies on the love between a mirror and the color,

The beauty lies on the love between the dark and the fire in their dolor.


October the 24th

Spending almost an hour at night before sleep, this time I finished my first poem entirely.


The Pink among the Fall


She is the rudest but most talented painter of them all,

She splashes the apricot yellow everywhere,


That is her job,

Coloring everything yellow in her eyesight until she saw that small piece of Summer bounty.

That teetering and delicate pink, shaking in the wind.

So gently she weaved duvet with her own feather the leaves

mischievously in hope that she could hide her most beautiful collection from inspection from the seasonal circle of life and death.

But like a stubborn kid it wants to show its beauty!

Like a young it wants to push the overwhelmed color on top and show itself to the world!

The shivering tender, only one,

Standing among and above the duvet but also the curtain that hides it,

Unsafe and sometimes even falling apart

Suddenly lightened the entire painting of fall.

The marginal greens lost its lustre,

The coldness lost its temperature,

I lost my breath.


This might not be so well-written at first, but I believe after editing it would be better.


October 26th

Another good photo taken of the view of the sea at night; its waving and its reflection of the sun set contribute to an unstable and balance image between the fading blue sky and the dark beach beneath. I wanted to describe how the Fall plays a huge part in helping creating this image: its gentle wind lifted the tiny winkles on the curtain of blue…


October 28th

I took some great shots of peaceful evening last night and wrote several drafts of poems of the view. I try to depict the peace and dying nature of evening: sun has gone, warmness is none, and only some shimmering light was on the dim sea.

The evening peace.

There is this balance between shore and sea,

Fading blue and deepening dark.

The dim sea and dim sky,

Melt and blend with each other,

Trying to obscure the skyline between,

While the sun, speechless also but obdurate, spread its last ray to far away,

In the vain hope that he could leave his gift, the color of warm,

But darkness still slowly but steadily engulfs the light.

The winkling specks blurring the mountains,

The rough current from the day has gone old,

Leaving only several last pieces of wrinkles of waves on its face moving away.

Darkening, deepening, slowing,

Only the wind is sighing by and time freezing.







September 24, 2015


Today I finally got my approval and started my process of my Senior Project, the beautiful album of AUTUMN! I started with looking around my surrounding and trying to find a sign that represent the beginning of Autumn so that I could take two other photos later in this season to show how different the environment has changed and how unaware people are of their surrounding. “Be mindful”, that is what I always say to myself as many times as possible everyday just to remind what we should pay more attention on. Unfortunately, I did not find a natural scene to take a photo, but instead I made an art craft for myself; I made a lively figure with a nut!



September 26, 2015


A great day today! I spent haft a hour after school just to hang out in our campus and try to find an object to shoot pictures. At first I was thinking about take a picture on a huge scale, like the entire road or even the entire campus. However, later when I choose the pictures I took from, I thought that students like us always walk so fast on the road that the only view they could see is the road. I guess almost every picture I have taken might be usual to them, so rather than choosing from those pictures, I picked one photo in which I just took a shot of one specific beautiful leave that is half green and half yellow to show that it is the beginning of autumn and that views and objects start to transform to a new stage.


September 28, 2015

Today I talked to my advisor Ms. Lichtenstein about the pictures I have taken, in which we found some particular pictures interesting. I took a picture of the flowing sea waves, a picture that might not be considered connected to the theme of autumn when people first look at it. However we found out that the sea would never be the same sea at anytime, so itself represents a stage of shifting, and on the other hand the autumn is such a transitory season that changes everything. We then decide to take several more pictures of sea and combine them together within one page to show the comparisons and beauty.


September 30, 2015

It is raining so hard. I believe it is a sign showing us that we are already in the middle of this season, I took several shots from inside of the building, through a small window to show how beautiful the trees are with the raindrops. That is also a scene, I believe, always ignored by busy people like us. Listening to this sounds of rains, I believe the nature is composing a beautiful masterpiece.


October 4th, 2015

Today we meet the Tanzin Lama and I learned a lot from him. What primarily impressed is not his firm belief of his religion but his view of everything around me that is really similar to that of me. We share a belief that there is nothing permanent, the primary theme of my album too. He talked about how things that past are better left away and people should not and would not be able to feel the feeling or see the same scene anymore. I took shots of how he destroyed his own work of a beautiful flower and put those into the collection, trying to reminder the readers of my album that those photos are not to show how beautiful world is but to remind them how many things around them are beautiful but ignored by them.


October 5th

I took a shot with both a peaceful sky and a rushing car and I want to show how people are rushing too much to see the beauty around them.

“Hurry, please do not be hurry.

Moving too fast and surveying only the future,

Have you ever noticed the hues of season?

Have you ever contemplated against the mild breeze?

There rises the spacious but full sky that never moves,

But its blandness of that gentle reddish is telling us,

How far we would pass if we stand still and feel the surroundings.”



October 7th

Today I chatted with Sam again and figured out almost everything from poetry to photography taking. Instead of taking random pictures of the topic Fall, I would now select several main themes like “city”, “Leaves”, and make collages for them. Having decided what to do, I started to read what Sam gave it to me and observe more carefully my surroundings.


October 12th

I went to city today and did a plentiful of photo taking. Most of them are about the pedestrians walking very fast and changing but the city remaining unchanged through out the season. However, I also took several shots of the little areas of grass and flower growing in the most crowded space within city, trying to express that there are many beautiful scenes shifting their appearances during the Fall but people like pedestrians are always ignoring those things. I want to make a huge contrast between the sharp city and the weak but delicate beauties within.