Blog Entry

Last week is productive. I eventually finished the 40 pages paper that i planned to write. To be honest, i never thought that i can write anything for 40 pages. It is a great and precious experience. After four month of work under great pressure, i am so proud to look at my paper that contains my hardworking as well as my passion of music and mathematics. Yet, the product is not finished yet. In the following week, i will transfer the paper into a book-making software where i can actually make my paper into books. This is the final work that i need to do. Feel excited.

Blog Entry

This is the first day after the winter break. As i planned before, there is only one chapter left to be finished. I currently have 33 pages of my paper which is close to my goal of 40 pages. Looking forward to finish up my project in this week and do some revising on the first two chapters of my project.


Senior Project Entry

After finishing up all my tests, i finally have the chance to focus on my senior project and get some work done. During the first week of the Christmas break, i revised some parts of the first and second chapter of my research paper and started the third chapter. By the end  of the break i will finish up the third chapter as well as half of the fourth chapter. There are many obstacles of my project like lack of music theory knowledges and resources. It is a great challenge for me to solve all these problems occurred during the project.

Senior Project Progress

I am a little bit behind mainly because that doing research on the relationship between math and music is far more difficult than what i thought. Yet, i like the challenging that will proved me with more power and interest to do my project. i have two of my five chapters down and this week is going to be very productive. I am trying to finish three of my chapters so i will be able to finish most of my project before Christmas break.

Senior Project Journal 2

In the past week i made a tremendous progress of my Senior Project. I completed most of the music which i need to transform the music notes into numbers and I started writing my book. Although writing books may sound boring, i do enjoy writing things that i required from researched down. In such a way i am able to see how many researches and results i have gotten so far. I will keep working on writing and analyzing this week. Hopefully my work can be done before the Christmas break.


In the past few weeks, i did not make a lot progress due to all the tests that i have to prepare for college. Yet, i did finished transforming all pieces of classical music that i am going to use. i did research on how to calculate frequencies of music notes and i did all the calculations from C2-C7, which suppose to be far enough for all the music pieces. I also did some research on how ancient mathematicians and philosophers think about the relationship between music and math. Since there are not many tests that i need to take, i will be able to spend more time on my projects. next few weeks are going to be very productive and the main building of my project will be finished before thanks giving break.