Step 18: Inside Out

After the long journey, my senior project Inside Out finally ended. It was first shown on the 21st of January in the senior building of Ross School. Although the process took the longest, the actual exhibition was over in such a short time.


Room <Age 6> was the most popular among the visitors, due to its cozy atmosphere and diverse decorations. While looking around, people were asked to recreate their own childhood by using the props inside, then take a photo with the provided camera.
IMG_7887Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 10.50.28 PM

Room <Age 14> sometimes made my audience hesitate to enter, since it was the darkest, coldest and also the only space with a sound track (a history lecture in Korean). After going in with the provided flashlight, people were asked to feel the provided atmosphere (sound, lighting, temperature…), then rearrange the letters attached on the walls to figure out the theme of the room.

IMG_7893Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 11.00.45 PM

Since each rooms allowed only one person to enter (when it got to crowded, maximum 3 people), there was a long line in front of my installation throughout the entire exhibition. Nevertheless, the visitors could write down their own fortune for room <Age 17> while waiting. After entering that room, they were asked to grab a silver fortune hanging on the wire, then replace it with their own fortune.


During the exhibition, I had to stay in front of my project for the whole time, repeating the same explanation to my guests. Though I always have been the type of person who cannot stand still without eating or having a short break for more than an hour, the three hours of the night felt to be the shortest. I could not believe that more that half of my project was over, but was also excited to know how people actually enjoyed it. January 21st of 2016, the exhibition night. If I ever gain another opportunity to work on a similar project, now I have new room to add on.



Step 17: Starry Walls


Now that I have the base coat for my night sky of the room <Age 17>, I began adding up the purple on the walls. To blend it out easier, I mixed the paint with some water.


Then, I picked up a rag, dipped it into the paint and played around with it.


Since the main purpose was to blend the purple with black, I used the rag as a stamp than as a paint brush.

12544265_717148331719900_378556059_o  12443520_717148325053234_181732415_o

After waiting the purple to dry, I poured a cup of white paint into an empty spray bottle, shook it until the paint and water mixed up nicely and began spraying the white all over the walls.

12562492_717148378386562_1333907282_o 11733625_717148415053225_1763111707_o

To cover up the parts that seemed too bright, I added some black into another bottle and sprayed on the white once again. And you know what? This step was the one that I enjoyed the most <3 <3

Step 16: I See the Light

12544085_10208315772962397_1018354704_oIn order to portray the feeling of coziness, one of the most important thing to prepare was the light. To make the room <Age 6> bright enough, I bought 6 battery operated lights, and hung them on the walls. But since I had to work on the top of a ladder AGAIN and find the exact spot for the screws (so the holes behind the light can get hanged on), the process was not easy.


Also, I had a hard time drilling with my waist twisted in weird angles. In fact, I sometimes dropped several screws while drilling, because I could not give enough pressure on the drill. Since I have been painting than drilling recently, it took a while to remind myself how to use the tool well.


12544042_10208315772802393_776843036_o 12544226_10208315770882345_1800850330_o


Nevertheless, the room did look much cozier with the lights on, which really gave me the motivation to work. It began looking like an actual “room”, where people relax, sleep and enjoy their free time.

12544293_10208315770642339_1700817162_o 12545771_10208315769962322_1833611839_o



Most of all, I don’t have to work in the dark anymore :)

Step 15: Tarp Up!

After waiting for roughly three months and a half, my installation finally got a decent roof. Though it is a plastic tarp, not an actual roof, it is still nice enough to protect the rooms from threats (for example, rain…). Since putting a tarp on an 8 feet tall installation was not an easy task, my fellow classmate Cole helped me A LOT to finish the work.


Not only he was a skilled woodworker, but also a smarty to create and use his own tool. Cole pulled the tarp tight by using a string, then tied up the string to three screws that he had predrilled.


Now I am surely done with the “building” part!! OH YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!12562377_717156045052462_1700868756_o

P.S. To check the stability of an installation, ask a tall/ big person to step on it. You’ll get surprised.


Step 14: Good Bye Painting, Hello Decorating

12511208_714341052000628_1860554054_o 12510967_714341045333962_1721403551_o

Finally, I reached the point of painting the last room. Different from the previous ones,there was no need to mix up colors, which made my life much easier.

                     12545823_714341038667296_384331076_o 12528288_714341032000630_1398867891_o

After painting six 6(ft) x 8(ft) walls, I became an expert of painting (the word “expert” might sound a little too much, but you know what I mean 😉 ). Also, painting during the daytime was much easier than painting after the sunset.

       12545725_714341028667297_886333888_o 12544103_714341018667298_1887297098_o 12544164_714341008667299_980349156_o

And of course, I should never forget painting the corners.

    12544151_714341062000627_1500798002_o 12544894_714341072000626_1593721753_o

Before adding some purple and white to create a night sky, I had to let the base color (black) dry first. Meanwhile, I began decorating the second room <Age 14>. For that, I brought my old notes and essays from home, which were all written during my short middle school year in Korea (by the way, my history notes almost freaked me out, since they were too nicely organized)

 12516784_714340988667301_492311321_o 12517018_714340978667302_307555365_o 12528445_714340972000636_637719523_o 12544093_714340955333971_1421449313_o

The last task of the day was to cover up the walls of room <Age 14> with my old memories. I ripped out every single pages of the notebooks and attached them on the walls, bringing myself back to 2010 and 2011.


Step 13: Paint it!

Painting was a process that requires the most preparation and labor. I had to make sure that the building and the floor are well covered, then start mixing the paints. I decided to start with the room <Age 6>, so mixed up some yellow and white together.

           12415438_707686369332763_522805299_o 939367_707686365999430_1878640352_o 12405027_707686362666097_786928086_o

After getting the color that I wanted, I dipped my roller into the paint, and began painting the walls. Painting was actually fun for first 30minutes, but the weather was too cold (remember, my structure doesn’t have a roof yet) and the walls were too wide. Though my original plan was to finish painting two of the rooms before the flight back home, I failed to achieve. To make the matters worse, a friend who was supposed to help me decided not to show up, so I had to do all the works on my own. Obviously, painting 6 gigantic walls was too much for me.

                    12414415_707686355999431_1910462101_o 12400338_707686339332766_1868862228_o

Nevertheless, I at least (almost) finished painting the first room. Although my hands and my coat got messy :(


Painting? It’s NEVER EASY