Last minute idea

So today I trimmed some of my pictures and I do not really like how they look sticked directly to the wall.


SO I decided I want to put them on Foam boards, so I just ordered foam boards they will hopefully be here by Monday.

Ill stick and cut the pictures/boards on Tuseday figure out how I will arrange them on Tuseday/wednesday and Thursday is Exhibition night.

I am sooooo nervous !!

Done Printing! 01/14/16

I officially printing all my pictures, they are like 18 pictures in total and i have to narrow them down which is going to be a very difficult process but I am 99.8% done with my project !

And They look sooooooo much better than how they look on the compute with I am very happy about !

Exhibition Night Ideas

I was talking to Mulhern today.

And he gave me an amazing idea that I am actually consider doing but don’t know if it will work out.

The idea is to let all my models, get face painted on exhibition night and just walking around with their faces painted with the tribal tattoos !


New Years Eve

So Today I was checking my Snapchat like we all do.

And the funny thing is on one of the stories on Buzzfed News, and there was a series of stories about Algerian Women who were forced to tattoo their faces when young to look beautiful.

I was so excited that I knew all this due to the endless research done about this topic ! IMG_8750


I Officially Finished All My Face-paint(s) and it feels great!

Today I ordered the magnets that I will be using to hang my pictures.

I figured out the printing process.


I realized I have a big problem. The Card on the camera saves att the pictures in this weird CR2 type of image instead of JPG. And the can’t do any printing without changing those images to JPG. And Im leaving in a few days soo -.-






Sooo Today I completed three face paints and took pictures. And I’m really happy because I have one more and I’m done.

i had a slight dificulty while taking my photos since I lost my reflector but I sorted it out; and I feel great.

After taking all my photos, my plan is to start priming as soon as I get back from Christmas break.

November 6, 2015

My senior project is currently at a complete stop. The weather this weekend was terrible!

One of my models was busy and I forgot the makeup remover.

My India Bindi’s are delayed.

I hope that during the weekend I could get some face paints and pictures done.

My plan is to complete 5/10 face paints by the next weekend