January 15th

I completely finished my paper (will be printed Saturday), my drawings and my presentation slides. I also got a rod, and took notes on half of my presentation, which is being rehearsed.  My presentation time will be on Monday, Jan 25 during 9th period. I hope I have enough time to rehearse and feel confident while presenting. It’s pretty soon, so at least I’ll be done with Senior Project.

On Monday I’ll put everything up for my exhibition :)

January 8th

The first week back to school was a little tougher to do work. However, my paper was revised by Mr. Schade again and, after the final corrections, will be printed next week! Besides that, I already have almost everything to create my exhibition. The only things that I need to get is something similar to a rod and some kind of harder material to glue my drawings on. I also started my presentation and have almost everything done, only some details left to do. Rehearsal time is needed.

Next week’s to do list:

-print paper

-get a rod

-ask tech office for the other computer for the exhibition

-fix my drawings

-get something to glue my drawings on the wall


December 4th

I’m really happy to say that I have finished my paper! Now I’m only working on formatting and finishing my conclusion. I also already chose Mr. Schade as my faculty grader.

A little to-do list:

  • Color the last 3 fashion croquis
  • Finish the conclusion
  • Create my artist’s statement and catalog entry
  • Define things for installation

November 20th

I am almost done with writing my paper. I only need to finish writing the last part and a conclusion. More alterations have been done and another drawing concluded. During the thanksgiving break, I’m going to finish reading the Eco Fashion book and make as much progress as possible.

November 13th

Me and Ms. Lichtenstein are revising the paper again and making somer alterations. We also brainstormed a little bit about my installation and everything that is going to be on it. I started reading “Eco Fashion” by Sass Brown, which features many designers and their ideas for sustainable fashion on the market. I’m currently working towards the conclusion of my project.