Teaching plan and research paper 01/15/2016

I am getting closer and closer to a really good final product. But to make it one of those I need to teach my theoretic exercises to real players to see how it works out in the reality of a tennis match. To be prepared for the teaching sessions I will be doing next week, I figured out a plan, how I can teach my exercises the most efficient way.

Moreover my mentors and I set up some intern deadlines, especially for the research paper I still have to write. In this I will present all the data I collected while I was working on my project and transform it into a formal analysis, connected to my handbook.

Taking the pictures 01/08/2016

I used this week to take photos, which are going to help the reader of my handbook to understand the exercises I am describing.

The first issue was that I had to find someone to take the photos of me and I am glad that Julia, a friend of mine was ready to spend the whole saturday in the tennis center to work with me, since there are no open courts during the week and barely on the weekend.

We had to wait and wait but then we finally got an open court and took the photos, which went easier that I expected. At the same day I uploaded the photos to my laptop and integrated them into my handbook.


I need some pictures 01/01/2016

As I kept going over my handbook draft and compared it with the Product Rubric Form my mentors and I filled out in the beginning of the school year, I realized that I totally forgot to add pictures to my draft.

Pictures are a very important help in order to understand the exercises I am describing in my handbook and since it is in my Product Rubric as well and I do not wanna be graded down because they are missing, I set up a plan of which pictures I need to take when I will return to Ross after Christmal Break.

Working on the draft 12/25/2015

After I got the first real draft of my handbook, I got a hardcopy of it and went over and over it again. The more I thought about every single sentence I wrote, I realized that I have to make many more changes until the draft is close to the final product.

With the time I got new ideas of what I can add to the exercises and which of them might not work out like expected. Moreover I obviously knew that there are grammar and spelling mistakes so I tried to at least correct some of them.

Introduction and Questionnaire analysis done 12/18/2015

The writing of the introduction and the analysis of the questionnaire responds went pretty good. In the introduction I shortly explained why I am writing this book and what it is about, while the questionnaire responds with some big names of famous tennis players in it are supposed to support the statement of my handbook, that it is important to spend some time practicing the mental game just like everybody is practicing the physical part of tennis over and over again.

By finishing the writing of the introduction and the analysis of questionnaire responds I finally got my first real draft.

Making it a real handbook 12/11/2015

In order to make it a real handbook, I realized that I have to set up a clear structure the whole book is based on. Since I have finished all the exercises last week, I was now able to work on the parts of my book besides the exercises.

I thought a lot about what I had to add to the exercises pages. On one one hand my handbook is supposed to focus mostly on the exercises, but on the other hand there also has to be some data they are based on. Therefore I ended up with the following structure:

  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of the Questionnaire responds
  3. Match Preparation exercises
  4. During the match exercises

During the match exercises done 12/04/2015

This week I was able to finish all the “During the match exercises” and with that the biggest chapter of my handbook. I was able to explain the exercises just the way I planed, but nevertheless it is only a draft and there are still many things to do in order to make it a perfect product.

The goal for next week is to create a good structure for my mental handbook. So far I only wrote down the exercises, but neither put them in the right order, nor added other things like an introduction to the handbook.


During the match exercises half way done 11/27/2015

After I have finished the “Match preparation exercises” last week, I started to work on some mental exercises you can use to calm down your mind during the match. I developed the ideal ways how to react in certain situations and tried to keep the explanations of the exercises simple and understandable.

I think all the exercises I have so far are pretty good and will help many players to improve their mental game. Since the “During the match exercises” chapter is going to be the biggest chapter of my handbook, I did not finish all the exercises I wanted to yet and have to keep working on it for the next week, as well.

Match Preparation exercises done 11/20/2015

The writing of my handbook is going well. I figured out a good structure for my handbook, which will lead the player from his pre match preparation all the way through the end of the match.

I developed exercises that help the player to improve his mental toughness in specific situations. So far I am done with the exercises for the players match preparation so I am now ready for the next step in match chronological order. I do not want to tell you about the exercises more specific, since then there would be no point of reading the handbook anymore.

Analyzing the Questionnaire 11/13/2015

The past week I focused on analyzing the responds I got to my questionnaire. Players from all level of tennis respond, so I got many different and interesting things to read.

I created an Excel table, wrote down the questions and responds, and converted them into percentage so I can see how many players have the same thoughts about the same question. I think I found a good way to outline some meaningful responds and the relation between the different levels of tennis players, as well.

Even I already got responds from two Grand Slam Champions, the Head of the USTA and formal top 10 in the world, other professionals, and D1 players, I still keep sending out more and more questionnaires in order to get more great names to respond.