Blog #9

Yesterday I completely finished my table. After I thought I was done last week thursday I realized that there were some dried stain drops that ran down from when i stained the back side on the top side that i had to sand down and then stain those areas again. For the exhibition I was looking for backlights but couldn’t find any in east hampton and sag harbor. It might actually be better without the backlight because then the people see that it really glows in the dark rather than thinking it just glows under the black light.

Blog #8

Over break I couldn’t work on the project. But yesterday I went back and refilled some holes so that I can sand it today and tomorrow I hope I can apply the first layer of the coating. All in all I need 4 coatings. The table legs didn’t arrive yet but I hope I will get them soon.

Blog #7

The last 1 1/2 weeks I spent on filling the stars with the glue. I tried to work on it about 3-4 hours a days. Almost all of them I had to fill twice or even three times. Just some of them have a thin layer of yellow glue on them and some are completely red like 3 of the big stars. The inner three big stars I decided to fill in with red and the other two outer ones with blue. All of them I painted a little in the middle with yellow acrylic paint to make them look more like stars. Today I actually finished the rest of the stars and after break the table will be ready to be sanded, which should take me one day. Also the table legs are supposed to arrive at the school during christmas break so after I will be able to apply them to the table. After the last 2 weeks of hard work I think I am pretty good in time and can easily finish my project in time.

Blog #6

Once I was happy with the color of the continents I filled the oceans with the glue-glow-in-the-dark powder  and some blue acrylic color. Yesterday I started filling the pretty deep holes half way up with just the glue to not waist so much of the glow-in-the-dark powder. Sophia and Ashley helped with that. Today I will start filling some other stars. I decided to use some color like red, blue and yellow with them so that they are not just milky when the light is on. The other idea behind leaving them milky was that you can’t see them during the day (when the light is on) but them when it gets night (light off) they start glowing.

Blog #4

All the stars are drilled into the table. Murlhern helped me route the outside of the earth and I started carve out the oceans with the dremel. The rest of the ocean is probably going to take me 2 more days and when I am done with that I will sand the whole table again.

Blog # 1

I went to NJ the last weekend and bought the wood slab. Now I am drawing the full size design of the earth and stars. I think I will be done with it in a couple of days and then I can transfer it onto the wood and start carving it.