Maciak and I are going over the script line and line to strengthen the plot and details. I drafted another to-do list including the contacts with the cast and crew, prop list and locations etc. This project hasn’t been easy and it isn’t as pleasurable as i imagined it would be but, oh well, push to the limits.

Editing the script

So during the Thanksgiving break, I have been doing more reading and researching from the literary works. My mentor and I have been discussing about the ending of the story and we have different ideas about it. So i wrote all three possibilities so we can see which one goes better. My mentor is back from the trip and we are full on again!

Location Scouting

Now i have an actor for the mid age man and an actress for the mid age woman but im desperately loooking for the young guy…I don’t see anyone from school that fits my role well really but i need to get it settled before thanksgiving break so i can start filming right after the break……..

Draft II

This script thing is taking way longer than I’d imagined. Maciak and I been having really long meetings discussing the logical point of the story. Meanwhile we explored the psyche of sociopaths and we are on edge of breaking down ourselves too…We finally settled down a plot but it might change any time…

Cast Call

So my mentor and I wrote a little paragraph on the cast call that we are thinking to distribute among the towns. I need 2 males age around 20 and 40 then an attractive mid-age woman. I sent it to Ivan and Mr. Doyle to distribute among the local community and Lisa Rattray kindly posted the ad on East Hampton Star for more publicity.

Draft I

I finished my first draft of the script then had a meeting with my mentor to go through it. It overall is great for the first draft but we are trying to work more on the exposition of the story and the background of the characters.