Week of Jan. 17

This week I will hang up all my works onto the wall in the gallery on Monday. I’ll also print out the wall texts to see if they fit between artworks on Monday. I’ll start putting the titles on the wall. And I can’t wait for the moment to see my name sticked on there too! Right now I’m super excited for the show and I hope that people will like my work!

Week of Jan. 11th

All my products are done. I finished the Genghis Khan portrait last week, and I liked that fact that I did it on a parchment, it looks very vintage. The portrait however, because I’ve never dealt with this kind of material before, I used too much water, and now it curled up a little bit, I have to flatten it. I’m very glad and proud of myself. I had never worked on a project of this scale, and I never imagined the moment of me finishing this project. Right now I have finished a 40×60 in oil painting, 6 watercolors, and 1 Genghis Khan Portrait, in addition to a very descriptive wall text. I’m ready to set the exhibition up by next Monday!

P.S. My presentation will be on Feb.4th, 6th period.

week of dec. 6th

I have only 1 and half watercolors to go! YES! My oil painting is almost done as well, this week I’m going to finish all that, plus Mrs. Cross is helping me to glaze my oil painting. So that’ll be done. Then immediately after I’ll have to start off with my Genghis Khan portrait, because I’m not going to be here for my senior project periods next week (crying). Over the break, I’ll have all things that I’ll write on wall written out and edited, so when I come back I’ll be ready to go!

Week of Nov.13th

Ok! So, last week I finished all of my watercolors! Yay! Right now, I’m finishing up my oil painting as well. So my plan for this week, which are only three days for me, is to finish my oil painting, start my Genghis Khan portrait (the parchment is arriving on Monday). Over the break, I’ll finish editing the wall inscriptions and practice some calligraphy I guess! :)

Week of Oct.19th

This week was pretty prolific. I had fixed my first watercolor painting, started off with my oil landscape painting, which is pretty big. I’ve done the outlines and the background. For next week, I hope that I can get two watercolors done, and further work on my oil painting.

Week of OCT.12th

Over this week, many things were done. All six watercolors are drafted, and 1 of them fully completed. I also started my oil painting. I did research upon tribal costumes. Designed few possible installations. Next week, I wish to finish the rest of the watercolors and the back ground of my oil painting.

Week 2

I have completed another three drawings of the Mongolian costumes. I did research upon different garments of different Mongolian tribes, such as the Buryat, the Ordos, and the Chaxar. I have also talked with my mentor Ms. Cross about the photograph I was going to use for my landscape oil painting and exchanged our ideas. The photographs were taken by me over my trip back to Inner Mongolia this summer in Hexigten. For this week, I’m going to finish another three drawings and watercolor the three drawings that I have already done. Hopefully I can also start on my oil-painting as well.

Week of Sept. 27th

I have completed my first Mongolian Costume drawing, although it was a contemporary one. Mrs. Cross has helped me to start using watercolor to express the elegance and beauty of Mongolian costumes. I’m currently doing more research upon Mongolian costumes and the differences between tribes. For next week, I want to finish at least two more drawings and one more watercolor, plus the design for my landscape oil painting.