Senior Project Presentation

Hello reader!!!

I want to write a little bit about my experience presenting my Senior Project.

After practicing with myself, Mami Takeda, and my friend Deborah Casares multiple times, I was ready, but still nervous and anxious.

When Mr. Mulhern finally introduced me in a very meaningful way, I got on to the stage and it started.

I tried to stay confident about everything I did, because I knew that, as everyone said, I was the expert about my project. Therefore, it went well and the feeling of rewarding was amazing.

Thank you to everyone that helped me and supported me throughout this incredible process! This will definitely be an experience that I will never forget, and that made me grow a lot!


Best always,


Process Senior Project, January 8

Happy Friday!!!

My Senior Project is on its final stage! During the break I worked a lot on it, I bought all the Bonfim ribbons that will go on the rope (interactive activity) and worked on the hand-made posters.

I had the help of my father to cut all the ribbons (about 1000); I also had the help of my boyfriend and my sisters and her 10-year old friends. This week that I got back from break I finished the rope, started the installation in the space (Senior Building basement) and I am working on the last posters.

Here are some pictures of the process.

image2-3 unnamed-2 image1-3 image2-3

Looking forward to the result!

Process Senior Project, Dec 18

Happy Friday!!

I did not have my space ready yet, therefore couldn’t start working on the installation, but I got as far as I wanted. I worked on the rope and the printed posters are ready.

In Brazil I will finish the hand-made posters and buying the things for the rope and the installation.

image1 image6 image1-2 image4 image2-2

Enjoy your break!!!

Process of my Senior Project, Dec 11

Happy Friday!

I finally started working on my final product.

I am seeing good progress now! This weekend I worked with wood; tomorrow I will print out about 8 posts (out of 15-20), and on Sunday I plan to work on the rope. I emailed Thomas Szajkowski, and he will try to clean up the location by next week; if not possible, by the first week after winter break. Therefore I can start the installation.

image1 image3 image5 image7

Process of my Senior Project, Dec 4

Happy Friday!

I will now actually start working on the real final product. I have most of the rope materials, I have the fabric for the maze, and this afternoon I will have the wood.

I will work with Mulhern today (Friday) and on Sunday, building the “base” for the maze, made out of wood. When we are done with it, we can attach the fabric, and the maze will be pretty close to be done; I will only have to actually install it in the room.

I will also work on the rope this weekend, I have been looking at some braiding videos.

I will take the SAT this Saturday, but when I am finally done with it, I will give my best and catch up for the time I lost.

I plan to finish most of the structure (maze and rope), buy the objects for the interaction part of my senior project, and make 5-10 posters here before the break. In Brasil I can do 5-10 more posters, and finish the rope.

By the time I am back from the break, hopefully I will be done with the posters, rope and maze. Therefore I will only have to worry about my media presentation and putting everything in the room (which, by the way, shouldn’t take too long).

Process of my Senior Project, Nov 20

Hello everyone,

Ms. Lichtenstein helped me to find a place; I just need to figure out the measurements. I emailed Tom, Dale Scott, Donald Smith, Jen Cross and Mr. Mulheron about it.

I ordered more materials for the rope and for the space in general as well and saved some pictures that can help me with the posters.

Have a great Thanksgiving break!


Process of my Senior Project, Nov 6

Good morning!

Hope you are having a great Friday!

The process slowed down a little bit because me, my mentor and Ms. Cross are trying to figure out the space of my final product, which is essential to continue with my process.

However, I have been working on the colors and the selection of colors, patterns, and materials of the fabric that I will be using to build the maze and the rope (that will “tie” the cultures together). I am also figuring out the objects that will go on the rope and that will make the audience interact. Ms. Lichtenstein and Ms. Clark have been helping me a lot too, always giving opinions and suggestions.

This weekend I will try to figure out all the information (quotes, facts) that will be exhibited in posts, and that will be part of the final product.

Here are only a few pictures from my file that are helping me to make decisions about each part of the final product.


Janine Antoni Moor 2001 Dimensions variable Installation views, Free Port, at Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthalle, Sweden Courtesy the artist and Luhring Augustine

Cloth_800 ez-grab-delineators-02 shabby-chic-rose-patterns-and-seamless-backgrounds-ideal-for-printing-onto-_f1P3g5__ untitled-2 Value Series Post and Rope window-curtains-fabric-cord-pegs-ready-made-curtain-ronan-erwan-bouroullec-2