1st Entry!

Hello my lovely viewers. Thanks for taking the time to read my first ever blog post. I’ll try to keep it short. For my senior project I am studying Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung and their different studies of dreams and analysis. I have been keeping a dream journal which will not be going on this blog I’m sorry to say. Some things are best kept on paper. My end product will be a few dreams of mine with the analysis of Freud, Jung, and myself along with it. I am also making drawings (eventually) that should represent my dreams or depict some image from them. I will end up making an installation so that anyone can walk through it and experience my dreams and then read what actually happened in the dream and what Freud, Jung and I thought it represented. As of right now I am still in the reading and learning step. Soon hopefully I’ll move on to analyzing and drawing. Maybe I’ll start drawing anyway just to begin to get a feel for it. If the drawings aren’t good I just wont use them. Feeling stressed by this project combined with school work and college applications; everything should work out alright. Fingers crossed.