Third Entry!

Hi Brianna,

welcome to blog de Katya. The name is a work in progress… So this week I started reading Carl Jung’s autobiography, “Memories, Dreams, reflections”. I am LOVING IT. He probably needed quite a lot of therapy though. He keeps talking about how everything means something. For example he fell when he was a child and thought, “I must be suicidal”. Sure that could be one explanation, the other one is that he was a child and children fall. I’m also super excited because I found this book at home. It’s a book on the ways that Jung analyzes dreams. It’s basically like a how-to guide. That definitely cuts down on time. I’m going to start analyzing my dreams with Sam Yarabek next week. Fingers crossed I don’t have deep psychological issues. I’m also a little nervous that I have to show my dreams to everyone, but that’s the project. Senior project 2015– come watch me be super vulnerable! It’ll be a blast! Anyway this has been great, but I have to go home now. Love you Brianna! Love you mystery blog!