Blog 2

This week I have set up a plan where I’ll try and finish all of my 10 chapters and 50 pages by the end of thanksgiving, so then I’ll have all of late November and December to finish designing, It will be tough, I’d never imagine myself writing 50 pages but I have time like 32 hours of flight time going back home and coming back to school during the break so I’d need to use it wisely. I’ve completed drafting my first chapter which is my introduction, it has over a thousand words and 3 pages already, but it is just the beginning and I’m sure there were many grammatical errors that I’d have to fix up later. So for the next few weeks it’ll just be me and my computer.

Blog 1

I started out pretty late because I was in a transitional period with my projects, but now I have settled on a project I have made some progress and I’m looking forward to working on it since I’m really passionate about the project I’m doing. I have already written up a product rubric and my outline with details of each chapter in my book. I will soon begin to write up the draft for each chapter starting from next week which will be a long process as I have about 15 chapters to cover and the book will be about one or two hundred pages long with illustration, but it should be a piece of cake as long I manage my time well since I’m writing about something I’m very knowledgable and experienced in.