The Exhibition night was really special to me! I could see how my work was worth it while I saw how people got interested on it. Ms. Cross brought a friend, who is actually writing a book about a Holocaust survivor, she really liked my paintings and the meanings behind them. She has also a friend who wrote the biography of Miep Gies (the helper of the Frank’s faily and the one who gave Otto Frank the diary), she will give me an autographed copy, it means a lot to me!

Lounah Starr

I already finished the drawing of Lounah! Now I just have to paint the two canvas…I think it is my favorite one so far!! It shows her painting about her life in the background and her husband is right next to her! We could really see the love going on between them, that is what makes me happy about it!

New ideas…

I had new ideas for the next painting ( about Lounah Starr), now I will make two paintings that are gonna connect, in one there will be Lounah and in the other her beloved husband as in a photograph they took when they were young. The background will be one of Lounah’s paintings which has a huge meaning, it is about her life and how it was to be Jewish and to meet her American husband.

My goals

I already sent Ms. Cross the text about Otto Frank. She told me that I am supposed to finish Vladek Spiegelman’s painting on the 11th, I am a little busy and I do not know if I will be able to do so… but I am already painting the canvas! Lets hope It turns out great and in time!