I have seriously been neglecting my blog. This Sunday I worked with Jon Mulhern in hopes of getting a large chunk of my project completed. Max Eicke is visiting tomorrow to see how my work has come along, I am hoping to be able to show him 2-3 relatively finished chairs.


The marriage equality chair is finally coming together; the seats are connected as is the back. Hoping to have 90% complete by the end of next week. Following that, I should that the entire interior structure of the memorial chair also completed, leaving only the panels to attach. I also hope to get the wood for the drag legs and also make the jig for legs. Those two most likely wont get done until the following week, but that means that I am nearly complete with three out of the four chairs.


I am now working on three chairs at the same time, the Drag Chair, Marriage Equality Chair, and the AIDS Memorial Chair. I have taken apart and, partially reassembled, the Equality chair. I have also made the internal support system for the Memorial chair. Hoping to have these three chairs fully completed by the beginning of December.


I just received the chairs to make the marriage equality chair; I’ve also developed the design for the AIDS memorial chair. I plan on getting the materials for this on Tuesday. By the end of October I hope to have the marriage equality chair about 50% complete, have begun the memorial chair, and have nearly complete the Drag chair. This leaves only the Coming Out chair that hasn’t been started on.