January 6

This is the last week that I am collecting data on my stock portfolios. In general the first week of the new year has been awful for trading. The DOW J shed 518 points over this same period. My stocks essentially all decreased, but it was felt particularly in my aggressive portfolio.

December 23

Today I am selling two of my aggressive portfolio stocks. Sprint, and Voxx. Sprint has underperformed since I bought it and I am taking a loss because of it. Voxx has done very well on the other hand and has increased 15% since I purchased. In replacement I bought Amyris, and Groupon. Amyris defines itself as a renewable products company applying their inspired science to deliver sustainable solutions for a growing world. Groupon is an e-commerce website that provides discounts for products.

December 9

Today I sold shares of Exxon Mobil as the international gas crisis has lowered it’s price significantly. I hope to buy back when it is low again because XOM has been a strong performer thus far.

Additionally I sold Apple shares on mounting fears of slumping iPhone sales globally, but specifically in China.

November 25

Last Wednesday, I decided to buy shares in Voxx International, my mentor and I had talked about this stock before as a risky investment to add to that portfolio. This replaces SciClone Pharmaceuticals which I sold. Throughout it’s first week it has been a good investment.

November 11

This week was a poor weak for my stock portfolios as the broader market was down. My picks either suffered with the market or remained neutral. The replacement stock for Volkswagen was Facebook, which I bought ahead of the quarterly earnings report. Facebook’s quarterly earnings were exceptional which has helped to drive the stock to record highs.

Additionally from my risky portfolio, I have sold my shares in SciClone Pharmaceuticals after their monster earnings that include sales up 25% on the year. I bought in with 1267 shares at $7.89 and have sold at $9.77.

November 4

Selling Volkswagen stock as this morning news broke that Volkswagen may have falsified even more cars gas emissions than was originally reported. I bought the stock hoping that I was buying at the low, but as the controversy around the car company continues to swell I am sure that the market will react by selling.