From Styrofoam to Plaster

IMG_0619 IMG_1004

Every time the torso looks better and better, through arduous work, making me so proud of my work. In these days, I had to make plaster and cover the torso with several layers of it. After it dried I had to repair some of the cracks it had, and then, finally, I sanded it! It took me around 2 days to achieve a smooth surface.

Working on the Torso

IMG_2393 IMG_7408

It was amazing to see the progress I made during a day working on the styrofoam. So far, we can actually see the silhouette and realize that is a woman’s torso, in comparison, with the before picture where we just see a rectangular styrofoam. I’m so satisfied with this progress.


The Start


With a combination of a life-altering encounter in the New York City and the rewarding experience with my new friends, I was driven to create my senior project, thinking ‘when did humanity go wrong?’, we as humans feel superior to animals depict the fact that we are biologically similar. Finally, got the idea of representing my feelings towards this –how i felt towards people’s behaviors– through art. In other words, this is a quest for self.

For my senior project I plan to make an installation sculpture. This will include a female torso, a decorated wooden jaguar head, and a flock of hanging origami cranes. The goal of my project is to represent human Mind, Body, and Spirit and to question the superiority of humanity and its difference from other animals. In the end, we are way closer to animals than we might think.