Friday entry #2

I have sent out an email to all the parents of the kids I’ll be working with. I am still waiting for answers from most of them. This monday I had my first class with the kids. I handed out comic templates to them and asked them to draw what they did this weekend. After the class I realized that I need more structure so that they can all follow along. Even though they are able to draw, they can’t come up with what to draw on their own unless it’s abstract. The teachers and I had to help them individually to guide them through the process. For the next class, I plan to have more structure to the class. Since having them do cartoons requires me to show them what to do, I would rather have them do abstract art that they create on their own. I will have them work with water color and make abstract art rather than comics, because that is more what they create rather than me telling them what to draw. My next class is monday November 9th at 10:30.

Friday entry #1

I met with the head of school, who gave me suggestions for how to change my project, since the children are unable to make self-portraits. We talked about anything that could be possibly done (documented in my proccessfolio) and I have set up a time to watch one of their art classes. I am unable to make my product rubric, because I need to see what they are capable of first in order to know for sure what my product is going to be. I communicated with the teachers and some of them said they want confidentiality, so I can’t use pictures of the children, but I can use their first name. I think I will be able to do the installation, I will just have to change my focus.