Making Ramen Noodles Today

First, Shigeko showed me how to make ramen noodles, then I made my own ramen noodles.

After that, I tasted out my own ramen noodles, and it actually taste really good.

Now I just need to try out what flavor should I use, then I can have my ramen noodles done. However, I need to try to finish my e-book as soon as possible, because it takes a few days to deliver the book.

The Untold History of Ramen

I’m still working on The Untold History of Ramen, and I think it takes a while for me to finish the book, but I think I already have enough information to start my e-book, I will work out an outline after I’m half way through the book. I’m also working on my process folio book, because I didn’t really put in any notes and ideas that I got from the Ramen books, I only put in page numbers that I read for the day, therefore I need to put the notes and ideas into the process folio book.

Second Book of Ramen History

I finished the first book, but I’m still working on the second book. I started the second book on this morning, and I think it will take me at least 14 days to finish the book, because I used about 14 days to finish the first book. I hope I can finish it as soon as possible, therefore I can start working on my e-book.

Book of Ramen History

I’m currently reading the Book Slurp!, which is a book about culinary history of Ramen. I’m now half way through the book, and I will probably finish it in about 3 days, but I still have one more book to read, which is The Untold History of Ramen. My plan is to finish both books in next week, but I think it might be a little bit hard, I hope I’m able to finish both books.

Busy Week

I’m currently looking for a suitable ramen recipes for my senior project, but I just finish my TOEFL test today and ACT is coming next week. I don’t really have much time to work on everything, I guess I should try to do as much as I can for now.