Fri. Nov 13 Updates

This week I truly progressed with my project. So far I have shot 6 girls with 6 unique, interesting and beautiful stories on body image. I shot Sarah Mac and Ariana Moustaks this week and I did have some problems with the lighting so i might need to reshoot. I also shot Katie Mendoza, Catharine Fleming and Christine Malecki… These shoots went well with the help of Alexis. I had some troubles with lighting and sound but I believe I perfected the lighting and that I will be able to perfect the sound in post-production.

I do believe that I will need to start editing the photos and sending those out to start getting printed around the end of next week.

Also, I now know that I will be needing professional help (Ivan?) on post-production for the video because I want the video to be even more impressive than the photographs…. since the stories these girls are telling me are so amazing and strong.

I am proud of this weeks progression and I truly believe that I will be able to go first round and get the best possible grade I can get on this project.


Fri. Nov 6 Updates

I’m also writing this one a little late… apologies, apologies, apologies….

Anyways, I have been trying to get my schedule together. Finding time to balance my schoolwork while also spending 4 hours after school shooting photos of girls who also have their own busy schedules is much harder than I imagined. I tried scheduling in some girls for this week but I was cancelled on. I rescheduled for this upcoming Monday and hopefully I will be able to get some work done and start truly progressing!!

Fri. Oct 30 Updates

I’m writing this also a little late…. and I apologize again.

This week I shot my first subject and the technical side of my project was still not 100%. I shot photos of Talia… she had a great story but the sound was not perfected and neither was the lighting. The temperature of the video was a little cool (blue) and I’m still trying to figure out how to make the video as professional looking (and sounding) as possible.

I am glad that I shot my close friend as my first subject for the project so that I had time to perfect it all. I think my next shoot will work better.

Fri. Oct 23 Updates

I’m writing this entry a little bit late… and I apologize for that.

This week I was planning on starting to shoot my subjects but the timing was not right for the girls and the technical side of my project was not cooperating. This week I was a little behind schedule but put my all into my college aps and also perfected the technical side of my project.

At this point, I was hoping to start shooting in the next week.

Friday Entry Oct. 16th

So far my project has been moving slower than anticipated. I still strongly believe that I will be able to finish my product by the first round of presentations. So far I have a test shoot set up this upcoming Tuesday just to make sure that my studio lighting & camera are all working well. I think that in terms of the small details that will make my product the best it can be, I have been moving along well. Once my college applications are in (hopefully in the next week)… I will be able to put my everything into the senior project.

I have been keeping a process folio, writing down ideas and notes in it. I am also in the process of completing some more work for my photography portfolio that are documentary style. This practice will help me be better at taking documentary style photos for my project.

I think that I am on the right track to completing my project the best it can be completed. I have not missed a deadline and everything is falling into place.


Self Evaluation 10/5/15

So far my senior project has been moving along well. Since the deadlines for college applications are due at the end of the month, I have been focusing on condensing my portfolio and finishing my personal essays. But along with working on college applications I have been sorting out the complications of my senior project. I have confirmed the girls I will be taking photos and interviews of by reaching out to each of them via email and Facebook. I have also set up the studio I will be shooting the photos in for the month of November. I also have been doing research on the science and the social studies behind body image related disorders. I used this research to form the questions I will ask each girl in the interviews. Taking this time to make sure the small details that make my senior project great is working out well for me. My goals are to shoot and interview the girls in the first two weeks of November. After I have the physical work done I will work on post-production, printing and finally setting up the space. I am hoping to conduct a test shoot to make sure the technological side of my project is working correctly this month. I am strongly confident that I will be able to manage my time and get my project done by the time that the first round of seniors present their projects.