Watercolor Progression

Currently I have most of my watercolors completely finished. I am adding the final touches to all 8 of them but I still have to start and finish 2 more. I decided to do these 2 last because of what they require and it makes the process easier if I do them together. I really like how they are coming together and that’s a first for me. I usually hate everything I make but these are coming out how I pictures and actually even better. My video is coming a long good as well. It flows well and gives a nice variety as well as clearly show what I am trying to present. I have got in contact with the people who I will interview and I’m in the middle of planning times that work well with them and myself. I’ve been writing a lot lately about how a typical contest powwow works and runs. To my surprise, its actually quite technical and there is a lot of vocabulary that I have to thoroughly explain.

My Powwow Life

I have been working on creating a video that would be playing on repeat in my installation. This video would consist of footage of myself dancing at powwows as well as the people I have interviewed. There are also videos of contests from other powwows to give examples of what contest looks like at powwows all over the country. I will also include videos of the drum group that my boyfriend and I basically traveled with. Mystic River is the name of the drum group, and they are well known across ‘Indian Country’ and place at various powwows. My boyfriends sings with them and we traveled with them this summer to powwow to powwow from Wisconsin to Minnesota to North Dakota then back to Wisconsin. I took videos and recording of all their contest songs and these would be included into the video as well. I also am starting to create a digital map of where I’ve been this summer and other places I have been to powwow throughout my life. I will then either print this map or recreate it myself.

Powwow History

As well as still working on the watercolors, I am also writing about how powwows came to be, how they evolved, and exactly how they work today. I am trying to make it as simple and understandable as possible. As a Native American or someone who is heavily experienced with Native American related events and such it is easier to understand rather than someone from another country or anywhere who has no knowledge about these things. One of my main goals for this project is to educate people about these certain topics and create a mutual understanding between cultures. My watercolors are coming along good, I have began to illustrate them with water colors. The next step would to be finding substances to use that would look appropriate.


I am really focusing on my watercolors at the moment because they are one of the bigger parts of my installation. I picked the photos that I want and now I am beginning to sketch the first 4. Once I get them perfectly sketched as the pictures then will begin using watercolor on the certain parts that need it. These pieces of art work are mostly created with watercolor but are actually made with multiple medias. I am using different kind of medias, such as acrylic, paint, and any other items that I need to create these unique depictions of Native American Regalia. I am also beginning to produce questions for the interviews. These interviews are going to be with people who I know powwow a lot, like myself. I will talk to them about how powwowing has affect their lives and others, how they started to powwow, how it makes them feel, what it means to them and so on. I will also include questions about their regalias, beadwork, and family designs.


I had such a hard time figuring out exactly what my project product should be. I knew exactly what I wanted to share and wanted to do a project on but I was clueless on how to produce it. I talked to my mentor, Mrs. Cross, and she helped a lot. She helped me organize my ideas so I can put it all together. Now I am working on planning and writing out different components of my project. I’m beginning to plan out my water colors I’m going to create by finding the right pictures, so that they all come together as a series. Collecting all my footage from the summer and previous powwows that I’ve been to and looking into people I should interview.