Finally finished the front of the white top… I have been constantly finding pins in my scarf, my shoes and my pockets and pinched myself everyday with pins and needles.

But an awesome thing is that I got my housemate to try on the first piece, which is the black dress and it came out soooo pretty!!  The first cloth from me, and I am so excited for the other two pieces.

After the thanksgiving break, there will only be three more weeks for me to work and i have two more pieces to go. the most important thing is to get the fabrics for the white shirts( third piece) and the fabrics for the shorts of the second piece.


After the meeting with my mentor, I have been working on the white top made by trim. I found it extremely difficult and complicated to make it since the construction of the trim is not stable enough. I had to put a lot of pins in order to stable them.

Unfortunately, the bra is too thick and the trim is too easy to be damaged under the sewing machine so i had to hand sew the whole piece, which took me the whole week and yet not finished….


For this week, I spent most of my time working on sketches and design ideas. in order to practice and develop the ability of designing, i started a new collection inspired by nuns. I was being really productive and made a great amount of sketches and collage out of it. Also I have been practicing using real fabrics on collage to give the viewers a better sense of the designs.



For this week, I finished the sheer( dress) for the first piece and started focusing on the second piece. The color of the top was decided to be white and the trim i am using was inspired by my modernity project from 11th grade. During the meeting with my mentor, we figured that waving on a bra would give the top a shape and would be easier for the top to stay on people’s body.

After i got the bra, i started working on the top and ended up using waving technique to apply the fabric. Taking the advice from Nicole, I decided to still remain the use of newspaper as a part of the cloth (It can represent the theme of the second price, which is the construction, better with all the words and phrases on the newspapers ). In order to make the piece more interesting, I added a belt construction on it combined with a fan shaped newspaper declaration.


I worked really efficiency over this week and the top of the first piece is done. Meanwhile i had my first meeting with my mentor Nicole and we have listed some important steps i need to take. I will go to city again for fabrics and i have sketched the exhibition space based on my own idea.

I still need to add the final touch for the first piece but I decided to start the second piece at the same time. For the top if the second piece, I abundant the idea of using newspaper to wave the whole thing since it’s too fragile, and finally decided to use trim instead.


Since I went to the city last week, some necessary materials were brought. So this week, i was mainly focusing on the first piece, which is the representative of the first stage of my thinking process.

This outfit is basically made by the left over fabrics from two previous seniors and it is really tough to work with limited fabrics. Also, i was trying my best to not reshape or cut the original pieces, yet it seems to be a really big challenge as a part of my senior project. Even though, i believe pressure is a driving force in this case.



For the past two weeks, I have been working on the designs and context of my project. i have so far decided the look of my three outfits, but i am still working on fabric using and some details designing. The pattern of the last piece was already made, so was the second one. Because i wanted to fully experience all aspects as a fashion designer, i must make everything by myself. From pattern design to look book designing. Indeed this is a challenging project, yet i am exciting and looking forward to it.