Senior project #3

My senior project has possibly been the most unpleasant experience, which sucks because I wanted it to be good. Since I got sick and had to change it I felt really lost and frustrated and honestly a little stupid. I’ve come to a final decision regarding what i’m going to be doing so I’m just starting from there.

Senior Project Progress #2

I’m definitely struggling with certain parts of my project. I have a lot figured out, but when it comes to writing the songs i’m having a really hard time. Every time I sit down to write, anything that I may have thought of earlier disappears. I think / know this has a lot to do with nerves and such but it’s really frustrating as this is normally an easy process for me. I’m worried that I may not be able to go first round (i’m sure this is a common fear) but nonetheless it’s stressing me out. I think and hope i’ll do just fine, but I need to figure out a way to get over this bump.

Senior Project Progress

This week, firstly, I started a video diary recording my process while writing music and also talking about the situations that I’m writing about. This helps me look back and understand what i’m writing better & also see how I write my music and improve the process.

Secondly, I made a schedule with my friend who owns the studio in which I will be recording, therefore I now I have set times that I will be able to access the studio.