BLog Post (Jan 4th to 8th)


My mentor suggest that I can do a poster to demonstrate my experiment. In vacation I made a movie to make a record for my experiment and finalize my presentation. One of the challenge is that I need to get prepared for the Q.A.A part. In addition, my mentor suggest to talk about a hypothetical experiment and how to revise this experiment if I were to do it again. I regard this reflection as a good way to search for revelation and improvement

Blog entry 7

I finished my experiment. To sum it up, it is a well planned but poorly conducted experiment. I almost burn the high school building. Although my air purifier can be proved to be functional, the rate of burning is so unexpectedly rapid. I need to put the movie and picture of experiment together and do a careful reflection. I am not sure if I have the material and time to do it again.

Senior Project journal entry 6 (from November 14 to 19)


It is very important for me to pick up a faculty grader who can appreciate my project, and I think Mr. Scade should be the right person. By the time I asked him about grading my project, he expressed his surprise towards my Project: he thinks that making a air purifier would be very sophisticated. Yet I explained that I am going to create a air purifier that come in handy. I think the size of my purifier is too big to be portable, as yet as long as it works, I will do further research to improve my air purifier even after I finish my project.


This is the formal for my final lab report. Thanks for Kim Borsack to provide room for testing my product!

Senior Project Experiment lab report

Blog Post 4 11.01

My Project is on the way! I will finish my construction next week and organize my senior presentation in three parts: motivation and inspiration, process profiles and the challengeable issue.


“The conditions of conquest are always easy. We have but to toil awhile, endure awhile believe always and never turn back”  ——Lucius Annaeus Seneca






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Senior project entry 3 October 2

Initially I will use moss as a detector for SO2 and asparagus for Benzene, yet after looking through the flower and plants in the flower shop in long island, most flower is but so much for scientific research and experiment as for aesthetic purpose. Asparagus, and moss are not attainable in the flower shop.

According to my research, orchid is a good alternative replacement as a detector for SO2 because its bud is very sensitive to the pollutants and Chinese evergreen, which is purchasable, could be served for detector of Benzene.

I ordered the materials I need and currently all the mails was delivered and shipped to school. When I am eventually starting to work on my air purifier, I will also meet my mentor to put the senior presentation together.Chinese evergreen


Senior blog entry 10.08

Is it a good ideal to adopt two more medium-sized fans to increase the airflow and purify the air omnipotent? I showed my blueprint of air purifier to my mentor and just in the first glimpse she did not point out flaw but I am pretty sure there is still a large room for my product to improve. Here is a list of specific material I just to construct my product:

  1. Two washable dust collector plates
  2. 2.two High Efficiency HEPA Filter
  1. A fan
  2. Activated carbon