Blog 12

Closing to the end of senior project, I found Mulhern to give me some suggestions because I felt that there was something missing. After he looked my project, he said I put all the painting on one board which made them looking like a part of the background. Then I cut the board into small pieces in order to make my painting stand out.

Blog 11

During the Christmas, I was trying to finish the introduction for each painting. Therefore, it saves more time for me to improve the shortages of my senior project after I get back. The introduction has been sent to Kevin, and he fixed the mistakes for me. There is nothing need to be worry about this week.

Blog 10

I brought many materials this week for the finish exhibition of my senior project,  which means I can only focus on my drawing from now on. I have nine paintings need to be finished before Dec 17th, 2015, so I need to rush in this two weeks.

Blog 9

During the break, I was busy with the other project that is important for college applying. As a result, I did not finish ten paintings before the break. I am trying so hard this week to catch up the original plan.

Blog 8

Thanks giving break is coming, the only thing I need to do is finish my drawing as soon as possible. kevin expects me to complish ten painting, before I leave, so I need to work hard this week. Everything is working well, and I believe I can achieve my goal before I leave.

Blog 6

I talk to Mulhern today, he gives me many useful ideas about exhibiting my product in a more interesting way. He also shows me many materials that he has for me, so it will be great for my to continue doing my sketching by using different materials.

Blog 5

Kevin told me where my project is going to show, and he considered that I can do first round. However, the most important book has not yet here, so we still need more information, not only from the internets.

Blog 4

Kevin and I still waiting for the book, which have a lot of details about shoes, but it will be here on Nov 21, 2015 therefore we are keep doing some sketchings. I bring some materials from Mr. Hulhern and Ms. Cross, and it will be a great help for me.