Senior project 2

This week i did many researches and got some ideas about the working principle of most of the simple assistive tools. When people use assistive tools, they usually use their intact body parts to control the tools to substitute their broken parts. For example, people who lose their legs may use crutches to help them walk. they use their arms to control the crutches as a substitute of leg. Based on this idea, i designed three assistive tools but each of them have some problems.

Senior Project 1

Today I went to see my 11th grade science teacher Anna Strong. Before I met her, I have sent her a proposal about my senior project and asked her if she can be my mentor. She replied “Sure” immediately. I talked to her about the direction of my senior project and show her some sketches of my first idea. My first idea is a wooden support for the people who lost their two harms. It can stick to the edge of a table and help the handicap people to have meal without others assistance. I was first thinking about using their feet to control a rocker under the table to control the “arm” above the table to feed them. MS Strong and I both agree that making tools like this may not be easy. Therefore, I decided to keep brainstorming for ideas.