I settled my senior project on the second floor of senior building for exhibition. I did not receive my paper copy of my book yet but I hope it will be here soon.

I also asked the tech department to help me record my music that the visitors can listen to my music.


Today is the last day of my final approval for my senior project presentation(First round). Luckily, I got Mr. Cooper’s permission to present in the first round.

We also finalize my paper, and I sent back to China to print it.

BTW, I already corrected my second piece music with  Mr. Judd yesterday.


When my inspiration came, I could not stop it. I finished my second piece music on the weekends. Now, I am 95% down for my senior project. I hope I can finish my final draft for my paper and send to the copy store.

I made an appointment with Mr. Judd and hope he can help me to correct my second piece music score. Then, I will put my music on my book…


I had come back from China this week. I sent my second draft to Mr. Cooper today and I hope I will finalize my draft than sent to the copy store that I found in China. It needs time to print and sent back to America.

I talked with Mr. Judd for more help on my music, I hope I can finish my second piece soon…


I went back to China, and I hope I can finish my piano piece, and made a second draft on my paper.

My family and I started to search for any copy stores in China to make my book, but there are many stores which did not have the paper that I want or the cover. I was very struggle for this.

I guess I am going to take a rest for my senior project now…


I got feedbacks from Mr. Cooper, and we go through my first draft again to make some clearification on the parts which I did not express clearly.

In the afternoon, I sit in front a piano and singing out a melody. Then, I started to build more minor melodies on this main melody. I hope I will compose or finish my second piece soon.


Finally, I had finished my first edited and sent to Mr. Cooper. Now, I am trying to write a little explanation of my music piece in my book. I decided to create a book contents and put my music as a music chapter.

Thus, in my book, I got:

A Prelude

Chapter One to Six



Music chapter

I will keep thinking more as I made my contents.



Still editing my paper, and I finished my first piece of music.

This piece is a gradually flowing piece. My goal for this piece is to help transition the child, from whatever he/she was doing before the session, into a comfortable state of mind. The child will feel peaceful and will engage with the music.

Here is my full piece of music, after Mr. Judd helped me correct some pitches and notes.

BTW, I am still thinking about the name…

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.21.07 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.21.14 PM