Namibia: Exploring Endangered Species Through Photography

Student: Aaron Kresberg
Mentor: Ivan Salcedo
Domains: Media, Science
Faculty Grader: Alexis Martino

Documentation of Product

Exhibition & Presentation Summary

For my senior project I volunteered for 3 weeks at the Rare and Endangered Species Trust in Namibia. The organization focuses on rehabilitating the endangered animals of Africa and releasing them back into the wild. I documented my experience working with vultures, pangolins, and other endangered animals through film and photo. I then sold my photos at the Sara Nightingale Gallery with all proceeds going back to the organization. I led a social media campaign to spread awareness of the endangered animals, which led to contributions totaling over $1500. An additional $1400 was raised through the bag donation program at Provisions in Sag Harbor. Between all 3 fundraisers, over $6000 was raised for the organization.

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