Student: Gianluca Algeri
Mentor: Paul Gansky
Domains: Media Studies and Technology
Faculty Grader: Kyle Helke

Documentation of Product

Exhibition & Presentation Summary

I was born in Colombia and lived in Brazil until I was 15 years old, and after I spent two years on my own living in Spain, I came to the tip of Long Island to finish high school.

I chose to create a short documentary film based on my father as my Senior Project for three reasons: first, because of my passion and interest in films; second, to improve and gain experience during this entire process of editing and filmmaking; third and last, due to my curiosity to understand how someone who had nothing, and had all the reasons to accept that reality, had the optimism to change his reality to one he created himself, achieving immense success.

For my future, I wish to understand how Senhor Julio Cesar achieved this, and one day create my own success story and share with others my experience.

Senhor Julio Cesar