So my senior project is really not goes easy like I thought it would be in last spring. Last Spring, I read a book. No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai. And this name is a terrible translation. Anyway, I was deeply attract by the depress in this book. Let’s not talk about too much about this book; maybe I will talk about it more if I cannot reach 15 minutes marks. The main point of this book is “the reason of people takes actions is because of people tries to please each other. “Maybe is because of the wants of a group, the needs from your lover or the wish from your parents. What a great film topic. I am that kind of guy who can not hold an idea for really long, I need take actions immediately. So last summer, I made a little narrative film in Beijing. Without talk about anything with my mentor, and I did not take any documentations. I guess you all get what happened when I back to school. You know, a kind of person who doesn’t think carefully before take actions.

So let’s talk about my senior project number 2. I thought it would be easier for me, because I have a script in my hand already. In other hand, I did not feel any passion of remake my film, any reason? Just don’t feel like it. When I meet my mentor, he asked me “Do you want use the script you wrote in summer?” I said “No”. And I regret it immediately. I could not believe I just said that, some time my brain is really make me mad. And Ivan the guy who I thought will protect me said “ok”. Yes he did not save me from kill my self.

I guess some part of my brain really want do something else. I guess I just gat follow it. And first challenged I need face is write a new script. I made 7 different scripts base on the main idea from No Longer Human doing that time. But I was running out of ideas. I didn’t like any of them. So I went to Ivan, like a kid went to his cool uncle for some life advice. He asked me I really random question. “ Where are you going this weekend?” “Flushing.” “What is that?” “Is like China town, but bigger.” “Why don’t you make a film about Chinese immigrant? It can be fit your idea.” For this great question my answer is “Oh”. So I rewrite a story I heard from taxi driver. It is a great story. But there is one problem; the story is like an epic. It is too big for a short film. The story had some Hollywood movement. Such as climbing on the Brooklyn bridge, run always from NYPD. After check on Internet, to make sure I cannot rent a NYPD car. I go to Ivan again, “Hi, man, this is not work.” After hearing my problem, I thought he would help me to gat a NYPD car. But he asked me a other great question. Why don’t you do a documentary of Chinese immigration? It is a great idea for anyone beside this man here. Wait did I said this is a love story? Ok, let’s talk about love. Have you ever meet some body that just make you anger even it was you two’s first date? For me documentary is that somebody. Our first date did not go really well. And we don’t talk any more in next 4 years. For me she is some one really bored me up. 4 years ago, I was in a M-term trip with Ivan in Panama. Great place, a lot of great memory. And I was been asked for to make a documentary, which I did. But I really really don’t like it. And I am mad at I need do something really make me feel boring to death. So I asked Ivan don’t ever let me do documentary again. And here you go, he asked me again. So my answer is “Are you kidding me?” Ivan is like a friend who always tried to help you up, but by his way. No mater you like his way or not. So instate to gat me a NYPD car, he made me watch 2 hours of short documentary. Because by some reason he thought if I watch a lot of documentary I will start to falling love with her. And he is right. After spend 2 hours with her, I really changed my view of her. I was really surprised by how artistic the documentary can be, and that was some thing I never thought before. And I really want make one.

The next step is I need find the story in my documentary, so I begin send out some massage to my friends in Flushing. Such as the taxi drivers, delivery man, the man who work in Toyota, and the guy in Internet café. I thought people would not want talk about this kind of things. But actually, they love share their pass with me. So I asked them, to help me to make this documentary. But every body rejects me beside one. He is the delivery guy in flushing, he delivery everything you can think about. So I have no other choice beside do a documentary film of him. So I start my shooting and interview with him. Unlike Mark, I did not have a big crew, only two people in my crew. My camera and me. After shooting I start to put everything together, then I realizes the second problem. This story is really really boring. Basically just this man born in little village, and gat some money in the city, then came to American. Here you go, I made a documentary but it is a boring one. I could just use this is my senior project. Only two things block my way, first is Ivan always been teach since 9th great “ we don’t do fine work.” Second is my own explanation of film. Film is not just an entertainment, sorry Mark. Film is a kind of art. And art is creat, record or destrory a word. It should be something can express artist own feeling. Look at this project, I can not feel any part of me inside it. So I restart my film again.            Senior Project No.3. I choiced 2 story form all the story I heard from those people in flushing. And write them down. I really thanks Mark Liu help me with this, because my Chinese are really bad. And I let my friend Mark Liu and Ryze read it as the story in my documentry. And edit them with the shot I shot for my senior project No.2. Now another problem came in. For those you don’t know, there two kind of editing soft wa people used in this school. One is called final cut, and other one is called adobe.Since 9th great I used final cut, so I am really gat use with it. I can play with it without learn from anyone. But school is no longer put final cut on our laptop. So I need use adobe primere. And it was a nightmare for me, because the way two software work is totally different. And Primere have much more things on it than final cut. It make it more couplex and harder than final cut. So I need learn it when I am do the editing, and here is a thanks for my friend youtube really help me a lot. After editing, the biggest challenge I never meet came to me. Translation, my film is made by Chinese so I need put subtilte on it! As the worst English speaker in 12th great, this is the hardest challenge in my whole senior project. And my hero Ivan save the day again. He sit down with me and try so hard to understand what I mean, and help me put togther with the words human can understand. And I think every one undestand what my doucumantry say right now. Overall it is probability the most pain for film project I never did in my life. Not just because of I need remake it 2 times and how bad English speaker I am. Else because the adobe primere crassed down when I did my project, 3 times. So baseically I want kill my self at least 3 times when I am doing my project.