Step 4: Write

  1. Download app
    1. Bookwright (By
  2. Write draft
  3. Organize chapters in logical order
  4. Use three different colors to clarify different parts
    1. Reality
    2. Dream
    3. Reality & Dream intertwined
  5. Put the content into the app


In my Senior Project, I created a novella named Life Ferry. I always wanted to do something about history through literature, since it is one of my favorite subjects and writing is a pleasure for me, and I has had strong interest in Chinese history when I was in the middle school and Senior Project is a perfect platform for me to study and understand the world history; therefore I chose to make a historical fiction. The book is about the connection and distinction between today’s world and the history. Some stories are based on my personal experience; some stories in my book are based on my imagination that I have been thinking about and I always want to write them out. For the history part, Ifocus on the early and mid-20th century, which is around the period of wars.  The book also relate to some dream theories that are well known in the modern period. The book length is around 150 pages.