The Day They Came

The Day They Came

Student: Finn Li

Mentor(s): Paul Gansky and Ivan Salcedo

Domains: Art & Film

Faculty Grader: Alexis Martino

Shot List/Planning:

-moving gearbag out of frame, putting headphones on in mirror, making coffee

-Phone call scene – opening shot: coffee cup being placed back on mini-plate

-Carolina smoking cig, holding newspaper, coffee and old phone on table, mid shot at eye level cropped at the windows behind her

-Ex. Close up in front of telephone as it rings, hand picks it up

-Back to same shot, putting phone to head, no dialogue

-Driving scene (Furi – A picture in motion)

-Panning shot from car driving in to Camp Hero sign

-Establishing shot of Camp Hero with them walking up to it

-Jumping over fence shots

-Carolina staring up(at radar tower) in rain holding radio and wearing headphones

-Reverse shot of tower/dish tilting up soft hum starts

-Carolina staring up shot again, now reacting and intrigued by noise “Guys I think something’s happening”

-Shot from diagonally in front “Well it doesn’t look like it”, “No trust me, listen”

-Same headshot, girl2 looking straight ahead, headphones get put on her ears, she looks up as audio cues in, looks curious for a bit as audio builds, audio cuts out “I don’t see what’s so special about that, it just cut out too”, “It was probably just interference, but what did you hear?”

– “Just like… static. It’s hard to tell but there might have been… something there. It wasn’t a voice but… it felt like it was talking to me.”       

– “Through static?” “Y-yeah. I don’t know, but it was definitely coming from in there”

-shot of building again

– “Let’s get the equipment, there’s only one way to know for sure” “Are you crazy? If there’s people in this place then they can already see us. Do you want us to get killed?”

– “What’s the point of turning back when something interesting happens after we came all this way?” “You’re insane if you think we’re going inside.”

– “Guys, guys, please, let’s not do this” “We need to at least get closer” “I’m not going anywhere near that place”, “Fine, you’ll just have to wait by yourself in the car” girl walks out of frame and glares

-pause, “This is freaking me out… I… I’m going to go back too I think…” “That’s alright with me”

-following stabilizer shot, dons headphones while walking up to tower, long take and eventually she stops as noise grows loud, camera moves in front of her and close, after delay she screams, thrashes head around, throws off headphones, drops radio and falls to ground

-radio and headphones slomo falling shot

-shot of girl3 in foreground, girl2 in background walking down hill, they both turn around at same time and look at each other before running back

-shot of girl2 coming into frame and looking through camera to find Carolina

-shot “through camera” of Carolina running to camera, then moves to radio and headphones on the ground

-Carolina runs back to group “Something’s happening, the signal nearly made me deaf”, “Are you okay at least?”, “Y-yeah. I’m fine”, “Let’s get out of here.” “Get out of here? Did you not hear me, something’s happening!”, “And why would we want to be here when it does?” “Well don’t you know wanna know what’s going on at this place?”, “Yeah but not at the cost of our lives!”

-As the dialogue occurs, close up of girl3s face looking up into sky and pointing “…guys… GUYS LOOK!”

-portal shot