Student:Clover Kim
Mentor:Jennifer Cross
Domains:Visual Arts
Faculty Grader: Christina Schlesinger 

I believe that when multiple cultures meet together, it creates something amazing that people never thought about. I come from Korea, and I know that Korean culture has been modified since we opened to other cultures. This factor led to an enormous change in my country. For my Senior Project, I particularly wanted to explore connections between Korean traditional costumes and fashion of the West. I believe fashion continuously encounters huge changes over time as society changes. As the stereotype of women changed, it has had a huge impact on women’s fashion. Previously in many countries, women mostly had to stay at home and do housework, because their roles were extremely limited. Women had little rights and little opportunity to voice their opinions. Women were idealized as objects of beauty. Women’s fashions enhanced femininity but were also confining, such as corsets, which compressed the waistline and skirts that covered up legs, even ankles. But today, as people’s stereotype has changed, women have bigger roles in the society and became more fluid in many ways.


My senior project was influenced by this changes from Korea, I made modernized versions of Korean outfits, inspired by traditional style. The fabrics I used are what people actually use to make Korean dress, but I used very thin and transparent fabrics because I love the combination of skin and fabric colors layered. The style of final product came out as I wanted. For fashion illustrations, I used makeup products instead of markers because I wanted to experiment with a lot of mediums. I also made a photograph showing exposed legs, but tied and blooded. I wanted to represent fashion becoming freer and women’s bodies were exposed more, but at a price. To make this photograph, I used a filter to give a vintage look. For model’s legs, I used makeup to make them look bruised and cut. I also used the rope to symbolize the difficulties that women still faced even though their roles were changing.


For my final product, I created an installation that includes my fashions sketches and the outfits I designed and sewed that merge traditional and modern styles.  I created an installation looking like a  cozy bedroom. I want people to feel very comfortable when they are facing a new culture because I was extremely challenged and uncomfortable when I came to the United States and had to adjust to a new culture. I created a very cozy space that people can feel very open and comfortable in. I want my senior project to be an opportunity for me to introduce my culture to other people.



11:45Clover Kim: Cultural Interconnection