The Hamptons Runner Senior Project Archive

The Hamptons Runner

Student: Jake Weinstein
Mentor: Kyle Helke
Domains: Entrepreneurship and Business
Faculty Grader: Paul Gansky

Documentation of Product

20171117 corp title page


Exhibition & Presentation Summary

 This past summer my brothers and I opened The Hamptons Runner, “your on-demand errand running service.” After a wildly successful summer, my brothers and I were eager to legalize, formalize, and expand the business for the 2018 summer season. My senior project is formalizing The Hamptons Runner by writing a comprehensive business plan and installing the necessary legal and insurance framework. I found and have worked with attorney Damon Hagan in order to form the company as a New York state registered S-corporation. In addition, I have worked with business insurance startup Pogo Insurance in exploring cost-effective coverage options. Finally, I have consolidated the ideas, goals, and history of the business into a comprehensive business plan.