I decided to work in metal because I wanted to capture the feeling of cold hard steel capturing a beautiful portrayal of my dog in Japan. Metal is seen as an industrial material used for cars and other lifeless materials. Because of this, I wanted to bring life in to my work with metal. My mentor told me that anything can be made with metal if you try hard enough, and this really influenced me to bring my love of nature in to my senior project. The juxtaposition of my materials to my subject matter allows me to achieve a conflicting feeling to the audience that I really want to communicate and give to the viewer. I personally feel like not many people have experienced such a strange sensation when viewing to completely differing representations.

In order to present a cohesive and concise idea to the audience that represents my dog, I have to reference anatomical illustrations of my dog while creating different sketches that outlined my design process. The creation of my dog will take place out in the metal shop over the course of the coming months. I will be using rusted metal sheets, gears, and rods. In order to achieve my desired final product of a realistic dog I will grind down the metal in order to create a shiny final product. I will be presenting during the Ross School presentation night and hope to achieve my goal of creating a metal sculpture representing a natural creature.


Student: Kana Mikami
Mentor: Kieran Ryan
Domains: Visual Art
Faculty Grader: Anna Castellazzi

Documentation of Product

Process folio.


Exhibition & Presentation Summary

Exhibition night at Ross with a wonderful turnout!


Works Consulted